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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.31 – 1.6

The week begins with a passionate and perceptive Scorpio Moon, inspiring reflection on deeper truths as 2018 comes to a close. Mars enters assertive Aries Monday night, just before 2019 begins. Bold steps in a purposeful new direction come naturally. It’s time to embrace a fresh start grounded in your most resonant desires and beliefs. Mars in Aries supports confidence, and may provoke feelings of competition with others. If you find yourself wasting energy on envy or comparison, pause to identify what it is you’re really hoping to strengthen on your end. Pour into that. You are your only competition.

The Moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius midweek, complimenting Mars in Aries. Indulge in your curiosities and document your process. You’re curious and spontaneous, finding the joy and humor in your surroundings. Keeping an open mind while you explore your options can illuminate more holistically effective pathways toward long-term goals. Keep the spirit of fun alive in your work, projects, and love relationships. If your enthusiasm is lacking, reconnect with where you last found authentic joy.

Mercury trines Uranus early Friday morning before entering Capricorn in the evening. Communications and thinking turn toward mature solutions, practicality, and ambition, setting the stage for a profoundly motivating Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse the next day. You’re ready for new levels of responsibility and accountability that can have lasting, lifestyle transforming effects. You’ll be intuitive to your limitations and strengths, so plan accordingly. When Uranus, planet of revolution & surprise, turns direct on Sunday, unexpected circumstances and opportunities come your way. Having a solid rhythm in place for staying productive and authentic will come in handy as you face the unknown.

What’s in store for your zodiac sign this week… (read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant)


Mars enters your sign for the first time in 2 years on Monday, and will remain until February 14. Celebrate how far you’ve come with some sparkle, pampering or luxury. It’s less about spending money and more about doing what makes you feel joyful and enriched. The spotlight may find you in unexpected places, illuminating strengths and hidden desires. By the weekend, you’re thinking up exciting next moves and long-term plans for your career.


An intimate New Year celebration with your closest friends and loved ones is the kind of party you’re feeling this year. Do something healing and spiritually enriching together to set the tone for a balanced and grounded 2019. Reflect together on lessons learned and joys experienced. With Mars in your healing and endings sector until February 14, offer focused attention to your peace. Actively release what clutters your joy.


With Mars entering your society sector on Monday, you’re craving a lively night of partying with new and old friends. An open mind leads you to unexpected places and connections. Stand by personal boundaries through it all. Mars remains in Aries until February 14, which will make this next month & a half incredibly active and productive for your social life. This weekend, a significant partnership in your life emerges, or an existing one strengthens.


With Mars moving into your reputation and achievements sector on Monday, bring in the New Year in style, prepared to champion your goals at a moments notice. You never know who’s watching you, or who you might run into while celebrating. Even in partying, you can stay productive. Write down ideas for career as they come to you. By the weekend, expansive opportunities for partnership and collaboration enter your orbit.


Mars enters your travel and higher learning sector on Monday, awakening your wanderlust and curiosity. Bring in the New Year somewhere exciting you’ve never been before. When new perspectives come your way, don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek out further knowledge. New insights inform your commitments to expansive lifestyle shifts this new year. A change in your daily routine, health, or fitness habits challenges you to stay persistent.


You’re into keeping things intimate and sexy this New Year, with Mars entering your sector of bonding on Monday. Big crowds can feel over-stimulating to you now. You’re much more interested in sharing vulnerability and pleasures with people you know and love. Your thinking and communications become infused with romance and playfulness as the week progresses. By the Saturday, trust yourself to indulge in new avenues of self-expression.


You’re craving a one-on-one New Year celebration with an important partner in your life. Whether romantic, platonic, or business, you’re focused on reflecting and planning ahead together. It feels powerful to give love and appreciation where it’s due. You may find yourself in the beginning stages of an exciting budding romance or friendship. Saturday marks fresh starts at home and with family, so build upon what makes you feel supported.


The Moon and Venus are in your sign as you bring in the New Year, grounding your celebrations in self-reflection, self-love, and self-awareness. Do you this NYE, and don’t hesitate to be selective about what that looks and feels like. Write down clear and/or abstract visions you have for 2019. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn highlights your health and organization sector, inspiring transformative fresh starts in health, fitness and habit.


Mars enters your sector of romance and creativity on Monday, and will remain there until February 14. As the New Year begins, carve out some time to envision the coming year without limits. Write, draw, dance, or sing about how you feel and what matters most to you this year. Creativity can help you identify your more abstract visions. As the week progresses, subconscious yearnings become more solidly included in your plans.


With Mars entering your home sector on Monday, you’re likely to keep things cozy this New Year. As the week progresses, you’re curious to collaborate productively. Fresh starts are blooming, and there’s no need for you to go it alone. Be particular about who you share your dreams and time with. When the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign on Saturday, you’ll realize your plans for this year are already in motion.


Reach out to friends and family to set up an inspiring collective New Year Celebration. Surrounding yourself with people who enrich your spirit will spark your imagination in ways you hadn’t expected. When inspiration strikes, don’t hesitate to write down your ideas or get started setting the groundwork for your next moves. Unexpected possibilities in your career emerge around the New Moon, so stay ready to perform.


An acute awareness of your values makes you especially conscious of where you’re spending & sharing your resources. You’re craving a luxurious entrance into the New Year, and are willing to go the extra mile or spend a extra money for the experience. It’s more about what’s valuable to you personally than externally imposed ideas of value or luxury. Call up trusted friends and colleagues later in the week to plot a powerful year of collaboration.

Note to All SkyMates: Celebrate in a way that genuinely feels fun, validating and inspiring to you this New Year. Let’s all commit to more authentic personal agency in 2019. There’s no reason to silence your desires or to go along with traditions just because it’s “the way things have always been.” Remember that “No” is a full sentence, and gravitate toward your joy.

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