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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.30 – 1.5

Step boldly into resonant new directions, Skymates! Transformative energies of Last week’s Capricorn New Moon solar eclipse linger, guiding you to release & refocus. You settle into a cerebral emotional detachment from outdated obligations which reinforces your confidence in moving beyond them. Resonant emerging commitments capture your attention. Mercury entered Capricorn over the weekend, empowering you to logically calculate next moves and communicate evolved priorities. Ego-based abstractions fade to reveal solid truth. You discover strong, efficient words to expertly lift up what matters most to you in a way that attracts like-minded souls. 

Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, raising the stakes of your decisions, as well as your bravery & optimism. Idealism guides your priorities, awakening you to any daily habits creating dissonance between you and your most resonant beliefs. Make adjustments when necessary and trust in your ability to preserve your authenticity in any environment. Resist the urge to completely ignore practical concerns, knowing that a sturdy foundation will support your ability to aim high and far.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Epiphanies awaken you to resources and possibilities to expand in your career. Trust instincts to make bold moves to intentionally brand or market yourself and your abilities. If confronted with game-changing information, stay patient and lean into your creativity. Take your time researching options within reach before committing. Through remaining present in each new decision, you can blaze a new trail that completely opens up your world.

Taurus: Step confidently into new beginnings of self-extension through travel, publishing your work, or diving into new areas of study. You are attracted to perspectives that expand your mind and defy expectations. Epiphanies around limiting beliefs you once clung to now free you to explore your curiosity and authentic voice. Document the journey. Roll with instincts to show appreciation and devotion to those who matter. 

Gemini: Your commitment to improving your daily habits and quality of life has brought you into alignment with collaborators and partners who affirm your direction. You are also establishing a strong new relationship to money. Remain open to forms of partnership that uplift rather than drain you. You may not have to look very far at all to find the perfect team-mate or lover for your specific needs and boundaries in the moment. 

Cancer: Remain present in the spirit of play as your inner child guides you to pursue curiosities early in the week. You can discover joyful new forms of collaboration that are nourishing for all involved. A completely new partnership interrupts your expectations, challenging and inspiring you. Your adventures also guide you toward instincts to add meaningful structure or discipline in your life. 

Leo: Offer TLC to making necessary changes at home early in the week. Invest in your rest, when necessary. Check in with your body and tend to anything that stands out to you. You can begin daily habits in the coming weeks that reinforce a pattern of strong and healthy living you for years to come. This weekend, your inner child awakens. Prioritize play and self expression. Experiment with new forms of creativity. 

Virgo:  It is freeing for you to explore & experiment when curiosity calls your name. Give your inner child room to play. Along your adventures, you discover underutilized talents and passions. Your motivation builds to focus on cultivating them over time. Resist impulses to rule out ambitious ideas before you’ve looked into their relevance or possibility. Honor instincts to infuse your life with spontaneity and sensuality.

Libra: Stay present and committed to peace when confronted with potentially disorienting information about your home, loved ones, or roommates. A little patience opens you up to see the fruitful possibilities within these surprises. Tuning into your untapped resources and callings aligns you with resonant expanded community. Trust instincts to connect and share in entirely new ways while sticking to sturdy boundaries. 

Scorpio: Your connections guide you to discover vast potential within reach. This new knowledge dares you to take on resonant responsibility through writing or sharing. Remain present in each new decision, resisting impulses to overthink what is outside of your control. Your curiosity builds to expand your perspective beyond what’s expected of you. Trust your intuition as it guides you toward interactions & work that strengthen your voice. 

Sagittarius: This period of making quiet power moves behind the scenes comes to a close as you step assertively into the spotlight. Early this week, put in work to complete projects & solidify bridges toward your next moves. When Mars moves into Sagittarius on Friday, you’ll be emboldened to extend yourself into ambitious and adventurous new directions. Resist impulses to overcommit. Let results speak for themselves.  

Capricorn: It’s exciting to settle into self-discoveries that free you to explore more of your passions and purpose. With patience, you can find impactful ways to communicate evolved priorities to the people you love and collaborate with. A socially active period slows down as you turn inward to focus on rest, healing, and foundation-building in new directions. Don’t hesitate to enforce boundaries around your time & energy. 

Aquarius: You are protecting your peace in completely new ways that free you to be joyful & productive. While rest and healing are top priority, you still find time for fruitful connection with friends or collaborators who share your passion. You can also organically discover collaborators or a mentor who bring you into further alignment with your long-term career goals. Trust instincts to offer what you hope to attract. 

Pisces: Social adventures awaken you to possibilities for your own career & path. You realize that you are capable of more than you had initially imagined. New goals demand new responsibilities, and you’re excited to get into a worthy rewarding challenge. Don’t keep creative ideas bottled up inside. Write them down. Then, get together with your dream team to brainstorm a collective passion project. 

Note to All Skymates: Approach problem-solving with patience and self-acceptance. There’s no point wasting energy on shaming yourself or dwelling on scarcity thinking. Pursue the necessary tools and information within your reach to approach situations from a position of power. Know that you are capable and creative.

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