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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.3 – 12.9

Prioritize what matters most to you in love and at home this New Moon week, Skymates! Venus entered passionate Scorpio on Sunday, bringing an urgency of purpose to love relationships. Shallow interactions are uninteresting and draining now. You’re craving mirrors of your strongest motivations, and can find and cultivate them if proactive. Gravitate toward those who match your commitment to the truth. This will sometimes mean opting out of less resonant focuses to build upon your foundation.
Areas of dissonance or uncertainty in love become clearer to define as the week progresses. When Mercury goes direct in Scorpio on Thursday, assert your voice in communicating evolved desires and expectations. Longings for change or difference have built up within. Now, bring your unique voice to articulating these developing feelings to those who matter. Listen to loved ones with an open heart as they express their truths, as well.
Friday’s fiery Sagittarius New Moon ignites transformation on a level that may be surprising or intimidating. You’re seeing endless potential for growth, adventure and purposeful movement, and can feel impatient to continue forward. Practice patience confronting new circumstances or varying opinions. The same day, Mars forms a potentially deceptive conjunction with Neptune, the planet of illusion. This can create some distortion of reality and imagination that may inspire you to react impulsively. Know that you can support the fulfilling evolution you’re hoping to achieve without burning the whole house down. It’s all about balance, patience, and love.
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Strong feelings you’re having about love, sex, and intimacy can be disorienting and a bit distorted early in the week. Remain tethered to reality and to your true values and needs as you engage with intoxicating influences. By Thursday, you’ll feel clearer on the reality of what’s going on. Setting defined boundaries for sex and love can be incredibly healing and empowering for you.
Take your time working through the details of deals and developing partnerships. Shared excitement or nostalgia can distort your vision of the facts, or of your own values, if you aren’t careful. Take your time to gather any and all relevant information. Get clear on your personal specific goals and boundaries for connecting. By the end of the week, connect with friends old & new who support and inspire your creativity.
There are a million things you hope to accomplish, and as the week progresses you’re getting clearer on true priorities. Early this week, clear out clutter, physical and spiritual, getting in the way of your productivity. By the time Mercury goes direct, the space you’ve created will allow you to see new possibilities for career growth and maybe even a budding partnership that’s aligned with your values.
Sensuality, exploration, and authentic expression rule your focus this week. As you tour your inner child’s imagination, stay mindful that others may not instantly be on the same page as you. With patience, you can find powerful ways to translate seemingly abstract discoveries. Infuse some structure into your dreams of adventure and expanded knowledge. You’ll be surprised at the tangible possibilities before to make these visions a reality.
You’re identifying outdated patterns in your daily routines, in interactions with family, and in your home. Tend to any clutter in what should be your sacred space, clearing the way for further sensuality and peace. While you may feel impatient to loudly communicate feelings of dissonance to others, look yourself in the mirror first. Holding yourself accountable for your joy 1st will bring a harmony to your love relationships that you hadn’t even imagined.
It’s tough to tell the difference between facts and your imagination early this week in your friendships and community. You’re itching to read someone up & down, thinking that you see the whole picture. The true conflict may be smaller and more manageable than you think. Be patient with friends, acquaintances and potential collaborators. Consider effective ways you can address a specific dissonance rather than spewing sweeping character judgments.
You’ve got your eye on sparkly new purchases, and may deal with some distorted judgment while window shopping. Hold back on impulse buys, as you may discover more urgent and productive uses of your resources later in the week. Invest in long-term growth. Old friends or collaborators may return, inspiring you to revamp a previously discarded aspiration.  Your dreams are worth your discipline and prioritization!
Personal desires and beliefs are amplified within, and can be a bit distorted by imagination. Do thorough research before making sweeping generalizations publicly or to others. It’s possible you’re on to something, but the details are key to truly understanding and communicating what you’re feeling. Listening and observing carefully opens your eyes to surprisingly productive steps in front of you toward long-term goals.
Healing is top priority for you this week. Your imagination is active and interwoven with deep blossoming emotions. Channel this energy creatively. Reminders of past pain returns, and you have the power to react in healing and loving new ways. It’ll be tempting to point fingers, but stay focused on your contributions and patterns. Trust yourself to set new patterns of self-love and purposeful creativity in motion in all areas of life.
You’re excited to bring more authenticity to your public voice and to all relationships. Friends & collaborators from the past re-enter your orbit, reminding you of just how expansive your community is, and of personal motivations you may have forgotten. Do your best not to judge others on where they’re at in their unique journey. Be especially thoughtful when crafting public statements or dealing with technology.
As you’re seeing potential for growth in your career, be mindful not to live too far in the future. The Sagittarius influence on your natural idealism can send you spiraling into a circle of potentially draining what-ifs that distract you from expansive possibilities right in front of you. Other peoples values may not always line up with yours along the road, and they don’t have to. Focus on what is within your control.
Stay mindful of your audience while expressing pressing personal truths. Your imagination is running wild with possibility, and potentially with distraction as well. Best to hold off on public declarations or career moves until you have all the solid facts in front of you. Take your time, do your homework, and know that this week can help you set the foundation for fulfilling new personal adventures.
Note to all Skymates: You never know what other people are going through. Sharing a strong resonance in one area of life does not mean that you know everything someone else is going through. When in doubt, ask questions from a place of love. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is to give someone space and time. 

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