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KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 12.24 – 12.30

All week we’ll be feeling the effects of a square between Neptune and Mercury, which can make professional conversation distorted or complicated. It’s easy to misinterpret information, so double check any sensitive details as you go. Steer clear of well-intentioned white lies. When in doubt, be overly descriptive and keep all receipts. If someone gets you worked up over seemingly scandalous information, do solid research before letting that new info change your behavior.

A Virgo Moon mid-week creates a supportive environment for making some thoughtful progress forward toward professional and health goals. After the Full Moon on Saturday, you’re catching a rhythm in response to recent self-discovery. You may feel tempted to update a bunch of people about your progress, but let your work and dedication speak for itself. Do this for you, knowing that you aren’t trying to prove yourself to anyone. You are worthy.

Venus harmonizes with Pluto starting wed, reaching a sextile on Friday. You’re gravitating toward a new or existing friendship or romantic relationship that captivates and inspires you. There may be an air of secrecy about your affections or a strong desire to discover hidden truths. This fascination can have an intense impact on your beliefs about love. Be thoughtful about who you invite into your vulnerability, and be respectful as others open up to you.

What’s in store for your sign this week (read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant…)


You’re feeling especially outspoken about recent self discoveries, and may feel provoked to prove these truths to others. Consider how worth it or likely it is that you’ll change this person’s mind, and ground yourself in what you know to be true. A spark of romance takes hold midweek, carrying you into the weekend on a cloud. Be mindful of if something seems too good to be true.


With Mercury in your intimacy sector square with Neptune in your society sector, sex and romance are a vibrant adventure for you this week. You’re being more honest about your unique needs, and it’s making you an even more impactful lover. Desires once relegated to your dream world take shape in real life, as you realize that you truly can live out your fantasies. It just takes the bravery of asking for what you want.


Synchronicities lead to opportunities in your career to level up and expand. Have a fun and cozy holiday, but stay ready to speak on behalf of your work at unexpected times. You could meet gamechangers in unexpected places. Dress the part and try not to assume too much of others. Later in the week, a burst of inspiration has you taking work projects to the next level.


With Mercury in your service sector aligned with compassionate Neptune, you can make a huge difference in the lives of others this week. Whether through a donation or offering a helping hand for just a while, know that your contributions are powerful. By the end of the week, embrace the impulse to seek out an out of the ordinary adventure. Bring in the New Year in an entirely new environment that resonates with your spirit!


Mercury in your sector of romance is square with sensitive Neptune in your intimacy sector, making this week super expressive and sensual. Your natural attraction to creativity and play is irresistible and uplifting to others. Indulging in play and creative activities helps others to open up about vulnerable topics. As the week comes to a close, hide away with someone special for an intimate and sexy New Year.


This week you’re hoping for cozy catch up sessions with family and friends. Invitations come your way to party on a larger scale, but you’re gravitating toward more intimate gatherings of people you trust. Lowkey doesn’t have to mean boring, by any means. Celebrate however feels good to you. Later in the week, offer focus to moving beyond past friction in a significant relationship close to your heart. Start with love and take it from there. 


You may be especially concerned with appearances and your reputation. Try to ground your focus on the facts in front of you now. Let your work and actions speak for themselves. Lean into your compassion, and consider ways that you could light up someone’s life who could use a smile. You’re incredibly impactful when you aren’t worried about how you look from the outside.


Indulge in yourself this week, Scorpio. Mercury in your values sector is aligned with dreamy Neptune in your romance sector. You’re savoring the magic of self expression and creativity. Reflect on the value that certain traditions hold for you, and consider whether there are more impactful ways to express your celebration or love. Your authentic voice is a uniquely powerful force.


With Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in your sector of home and family, you’re spreading a joyful peace and making a profound difference in other people’s lives just by being yourself. There’s no need to overexert your energy to still offer meaningful help. Acknowledge and appreciate that no one else can bring exactly what you do to the table. Don’t hesitate to reclaim your time and indulge in personal joys if you find yourself feeling drained. 


Mercury in your sector of healing is square with Neptune in your communication sector early this week, offering support in expressing intense emotions. Is there anything you’re holding in that’s standing in the way of you moving forward emotionally? Take a few deep breaths and speak your mind, honestly and with love. You’ll likely realize that you made things more daunting in your head than the reality in front of you. 


Come together for a celebration with friends, family or coworkers. Whether you realize it or not, you’re attracting many different types of personalities, and may even introduce friends who hit it off in a meaningful and lasting way. Try not to make blanket assumptions as you interact with varying personalities. A chance encounter reveals something to you about yourself. 


Neptune in your sign is square with Mercury in Sagittarius, inspiring a break in tradition that speaks to your unique family or celebration. There’s no need to relive a default ritual that doesn’t speak to your spirit. Listen to your intuition and show appreciation and joy in ways that genuinely resonate with you. Let this be the beginning of fulfilling new, traditions in your life. 

Note to all skymates: Consider your relationships to life-long traditions. Do you do things that go against your true values simply because everyone around you does every year? Are there more authentic or joyful ways that you feel you can express celebration and appreciation? Reclaim your agency. Your truth is much more powerful than any fabrication.

Watch the astro segment of my vlog (begins at 16:05) for more insights on what this final week of the year has in store:

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