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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.23 – 12.29

Assert yourself with intention, Skymates! You now notice potential for pleasure & connection in places once overlooked. Give yourself space to experiment instead of making snap decisions. Releasing outdated obligations now frees you to invest in resonant new goals. By Thursday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, your specific ambitions become unavoidable, demanding attention and follow-through. Jupiter aligns with the Moon, guiding you toward abundance. Believe in your ability to rise to the occasion. Where do you see yourself in 6 months? Take your first assertive steps in that direction. 

Mercury enters Capricorn on Saturday, inspiring you to think and communicate analytically. You intuitively cut through distraction and fluff to deal with the sturdy facts before you. A comfortable emotional detachment frees you to proactively champion your priorities. Do your best to release your connection to expectations or outcomes. Stay present in the details of each interaction, as you are sure to pick up on specifics that require extra attention. 

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: You enter a new era of agency in your career, supported by your conviction and commitment to your authentic vision of success. No one else brings exactly what you do to the table, and you’re tapping into the singular magic in your voice as an individual. Follow instincts to complete and release projects. Invite changes in your work life with a willingness to adapt and infuse each next step with integrity and passion. When in doubt, recenter to your most resonant motivations. 

Taurus: As you discover joy in unexpected places within your work, you are inspired to expand your mind & abilities in pursuit of the kind of professional life that supports true happiness for you. Welcome transformative changes or new responsibilities as you get clear on short and long-term goals. Before spending money, consider whether there are ways you can teach yourself or utilize resources within reach to find what you’re looking for. 

Gemini: You are curious and enthusiastic to bring an elevated sense of fluid collaboration to your partnerships. It comes naturally to reveal your vulnerability and offer support to those who earn your trust. Roll with instincts to dig deeper and clearly communicate your desires. You may be surprised at just how receptive and rewarding the right connection can be. Start by checking in with the quality of your relationship to self. 

Cancer: You are stepping into an inspiring new era of mutual productivity and peace in partnerships that demands new forms of service and communication from all involved. Be patient with yourself and your partner as you learn how to most effectively support one another. Assertively take care of your basic needs first before overextending or bringing those needs to others. Position yourself to come to the table with a clear head and a razor sharp vision. 

Leo: The intentional changes you’re making to your daily routines will invite joy and abundance into your life for years to come. Honor instincts to try out new habits that bring you into further alignment with your true priorities. What kinds of conditions make you feel strong and prepared in the face of challenge? Set yourself up for success by planning ahead and committing to a healthy and nourishing daily flow. 

Virgo: It’s thrilling to uncover completely new aspects of your creative voice. Embrace instincts to explore and experiment with how you communicate. Your natural passion is infectious to others when you’re authentically in your element. You can discover a sweet spot between play and productivity that attracts long-term abundance into your life. Apply some structure to your dreams, particularly in your work. 

Libra: Your relationships to home & family are going through a period of profound transformation. Offer appreciation for those who ground and uplift you. Honor your intuition when you sense an urgency to address sensitive topics or obstacles. Be proactive about creating the kind of physical and emotional sanctuary that truly nourishes you. Shifts made now can create room for prolonged abundance and peace in your life. 

Scorpio: Certainty in your priorities now guides you toward resonant expanded community. Who are the people you want and need by your side as collaborators, friends, and neighbors? Be proactive about positioning yourself to interact with aligned beings. Get creative about ways in which you can be uniquely helpful to others in worthy exchange. Run with instincts to show appreciation or reach out for help. 

Sagittarius: Reinforced awareness of your resources and talents opens up your world to the expanses of your potential. Embrace instincts to take on worthy new responsibilities as your specific goals come into focus. Trust in your ability to adapt while remaining authentic. Living in alignment now guides you to entirely new pockets of community that support your journey and your joy.

Capricorn: Your priorities have evolved significantly, and you’re bringing new intention to presenting yourself to the world in ways that more resonantly reflect these values. Your imagination is vivid, inspiring you to update your personal style and explore new avenues of your creative voice. Give voice to any parts of yourself that may feel silenced or hidden. Know that you are beautiful and whole in your complex unique form. 

Aquarius: Lean into the wave of release and transformation washing over you now. Prioritize your healing and rest. Reach out to have pressing conversations that allow you to let go of lingering worry, resentment, or outdated obligation. Define boundaries to protect your peace, when necessary. Intentional changes that you make now to your emotional habits can position you to attract joy and meaningful connection for years to come. 

Pisces: New connections and social experiences completely open your mind to what’s possible. Allow your curiosity to guide you into new pockets of community. Keep your best foot forward, as you can encounter the potential for fruitful collaboration in unexpected places along your adventures. With attention to detail, you can discover organic ways to support others while soaking up what they have to offer. 

Note to All Skymates: Remain present in each new decision, particularly in relation to your professional trajectory. Be honest with yourself when feeling out of alignment with your present-day values. Take this opportunity to recenter your daily work habits to resonate more actively with your true vision of success. 

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