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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.2 – 12.8

Be assertive about your dreams to expand, Skymates! On Monday, Jupiter ends it’s 13-month stay in Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Tend to your aspirations with a willingness to learn & take purposeful risks. Plan ahead to prepare for the kind of success and abundance you hope to attract. If there are goals you often consider but haven’t followed through on, take this opportunity to be proactive. Put in the necessary research and work to either make it reality or purposefully shift your focus. Start as small as you need to and build from there. 

Transformative energies of last week’s Sagittarius New Moon carry through to this week, inspiring adventurous fresh starts. Set intentions for the coming 6 months by this Friday. Give yourself room to imagine playfully as you envision your ideal future. When Jupiter squares Chiron on Sunday, stay firmly rooted in the present. Familiar wounds reemerge, presenting an opportunity for you to set a more fruitful pattern in motion for yourself. Do what you can in the present to show up for your healing, happiness, and evolved beliefs. 

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Aries: This week kicks off a year long period of career expansion and elevated reputation for you. Lean into your curiosity about what’s next. A purposeful risk in the spirit of your growth calls to you, challenging you to level up. Do thorough research about your options, and then trust your gut. Step confidently into this new chapter with a willingness to adapt and live in the moment. The past does not define you. Proactively put out some of what you’re hoping to attract. 

Taurus: A period of laser focus on your immediate surroundings opens up to present expansive options within reach for you to travel, learn, publish your work, or explore. Your world opens up, and this shift in perspective changes your relationships to certain commitments. Don’t hesitate to infuse some new structure into your life that supports your strength as a professional force. What can you do to level up your approach and unique touch that only you can provide? Build upon your strengths, with love. 

Gemini: This is the beginning of a year-long period of profound shared abundance in sexual, business, and creative partnerships. You can find a mutually enriching & productive rhythm with someone aligned with your purpose. It’s exciting to share such resonant common ground with someone, so you show up enthusiastically to build together. Don’t hesitate to explore new territory of vulnerability with someone who inspires you to open up. 

Cancer: Jupiter and Venus align in your partnership sector, attracting you to worthy teams and relationships that challenge you to level up in a big way. This can also be a turning point in existing partnerships that now sends you in a purposeful new direction. The shared goals surfacing now may naturally feel a bit intimidating at first. Don’t let that stop you from setting a tangible, well-researched game plan in motion. Consider your specific goals and boundaries for partnership.

Leo: Your inner child is vocal and curious, guiding you to express yourself creatively. You can discover organic ways to have fun while being productive. It may come in the form of inspiring new collaborations. Think about what kinds of health, fitness, and organizational changes you’re interested in making in the spirit of expansion this coming year & decade. Trust your ability to adapt. Offer yourself grace as you figure out what’s right for you and set new habits into motion. 

Virgo: A year-long period of joyful creative expansion begins for you this week. You may take on a long-term creative project, release your work, or express yourself in entirely new ways. Try to detach from any lingering connection outcomes or appearances. Remain firmly rooted in each new experience. Joyful social gatherings call your name and inspire you. Be sure to honor your body’s instincts to turn inward and prioritize rest, when necessary. 

Libra: You’re eager to cultivate peace & support in your home, family, and inner circle. Investigate feelings of imbalance or scarcity thinking that may be keeping you from embodying the stability you desire. What changes can you make that would make you feel more genuinely at home? Take initiative to create the circumstances that invite this kind of ease, safety, and nourishment into your life. Get clear on your boundaries for connecting on personal vs professional levels. 

Scorpio: Jupiter and Venus align in your community sector this week, attracting you to fruitful opportunities to connect and create. You discover teams and groups that motivate you and support your growth. It’s exciting to have people to share the journey with in ways that hit previously untapped areas of resonance for you. You begin to see the results of purposeful risks recently taken. Don’t hesitate to proudly promote your accomplishments. 

Sagittarius: Jupiter in Sagittarius empowered you to set a foundation for continued abundance in your life, and now Jupiter in Capricorn challenges you to show up consistently for your beliefs and goals. That foundation remains central to your motivations and support system as you now venture out into further exploration and personal accountability. Completely new experiences call your name, and you answer with a confident authenticity. 

Capricorn: Jupiter moving into Capricorn this week is the start of a 12 year stretch of profound expansion in your life. A period of focused healing redirects toward renewed purpose and growth. Take initiative to tie up any draining emotional loose ends or unhealthy patterns that need not slow you down in the present and future. As the path ahead becomes clearer to you, outdated ways of life demand that you make moves in the spirit of evolution. 

Aquarius: This week kicks off a year of profound healing for you. Stay present in each new decision. Know that you are not obligated to fulfill others’ expectations. Ground yourself in truth and love. What do you need to release to protect & free your spirit? What actions can you take to healthily transform insecurity or scarcity thinking? When in doubt, redirect toward your curiosity around ways to attract feelings of safety and abundance into your life in the present. 

Pisces:  Jupiter moving into your society and friendships sector jumpstarts a year ahead of expanded social circles, fruitful partnerships, and deepened friendship connections. You can find a team or group that lifts your spirits and attracts abundance into your life. Stay open to connecting in ways that tap into previously under-explored areas of personal resonance. Clearly define your boundaries for connecting to avoid miscommunication. 

Note to All Skymates: Offer attention to building trust with yourself. Approach yourself like a trusted partner. Ask what you need. Make a small promise and follow through on it. Then, make a bigger promise and show up for that. Find your momentum. Give yourself wiggle room to make mistakes and learn on the go. You and your dreams are worthy of your time & focus. 

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