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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.17 – 12.23

Venus ends its post-retrograde shadow period on Monday, reviving fluid forward motion in creativity and love relationships. Shadow periods are times of contemplation and (sometimes awkward) recalibration. If creativity and love relationships have felt clumsy or stuck while adjusting to new circumstances, progress should flow more naturally now. There’s no reason to be hard on yourself during the trial and error period of making a positive change. Incorporate evolved wisdom into the way you express and enact your love. Be mindful of times you’re going on auto-pilot. There may be other options that speak more authentically to your unique passion.

Mars forms an energizing sextile to Pluto the same day, offering reinforced motivation to follow through on goals and to succeed. You’re open to longer term commitments in line with your passions. A goal from the past that once seemed impossible is once again within reach, and you’re excited to give it your all. A grounded Taurus Moon on Tuesday supports this inclination with a boost of determination and focus.

A sensual and abundant last day of Sagittarius Season on Friday precedes Saturday’s auspicious Full Moon in Cancer. Venus Trine Neptune breathes life into romanticism. You’re eager to express your creativity and affections. It comes natural to offer your service to someone you love or to a creative pursuit. Mercury conjunct Jupiter promotes good news, optimism, and enthusiasm. Show up for what feeds your joy.

Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer on the first full day of Capricorn Season makes your true desires and aspirations unavoidable. You’re more in touch with your unique needs than ever, and can make life-long lifestyle improvements that better support your personal approach. This Full Moon leads us to seek productive balance between roots and ambition. What grounds and nourishes you? What gives you the tools and strength you need to pursue your most resonant worldly goals? This Full Moon, explore what feeds your productivity and what defines your personal rhythm.

What’s in store for your zodiac sign this week… (read your Sun, Moon and Ascendent) :


Confusion or stagnation in sex and partnerships fall away as you take initiative to speak on your priorities. You’ve identified personal patterns and are more in tune with your true needs, as well as what you have to offer others. New beginnings at home and at work present opportunities to live louder and with deeper purpose. This weekend, connect with chosen family and give your home some TLC.


If you find yourself feeling jealous or comparing yourself to others, identify what it is that you’re truly hoping to enhance in your own life. Instead of feeding feelings of insecurity, pour into yourself with the investment of dedication. This Full Moon will challenge you to strive for balance between your personal autonomy and the needs or expectations of the collective.


Your relationship to community is shifting and expanding. Whether planned or unexpected, you are navigating new pockets of your environment and meeting mind-opening individuals along the way. Encounters inspire you, but also test your self awareness and patience. If you’re hoping to create new rhythms in existing relationships, lead by example. You’re in the headspace to connect more authentically and productively in sex and partnerships.


You’re vibrating with optimism, ready and willing to spill your resources into your ambitions. Your hard work naturally attracts the spotlight. You never know who’s watching this week, so put your best foot forward. With some experimentation, you can discover ways that joining forces can reinforce your strengths and support your weaknesses. Get clear on your boundaries and goals, and delegate when you can.


Revelations concerning roots and family early in the week open your eyes to new pockets of your empathy and self-awareness. As the week progresses, a dormant dream that once seemed unrealistic reawakens and you’re better equipped to champion your vision. A friend or coworker may help you to see the true potential in one of your underutilized talents. A leadership role may fall into your lap naturally while you’re living in the moment.


You’re building upon what you love, and it’s transforming your relationships for the better. Don’t be afraid to explore new social environments or bring fresh faces into your friend group. You are attracting new teammates and maybe even an audience of admirers, just by doing what sparks your passion. Consider ways that you can be most impactful in service of your community, and follow through.


You’re naturally charismatic and persuasive when it comes to what you love. Be sure to ground your influence in purpose, as you may be surprised at just how far-reaching your impact is. As the week progresses, give some love to your sacred home space. Tend to your sensual needs and rest up. This last couple weeks of the year will demand your focus and follow-through.


Seek out some tangible details about your ideal next professional moves. There’s no need to let your desires stay ambiguous dreams in the distance. Study the careers of those you hope to emulate, knowing that everyone’s path is different. You will do it your own way, bringing your authentic voice and vision to each individual decision. Once you’ve done your homework, get moving!


Long-stirring contemplations now catch momentum as you trust yourself to act on recent healing and acceptance. Personal evolution interacts with your environment in ways that sometimes feel disorienting, yet freeing. Exciting opportunities to join forces arise, demanding your dedication in return for security and fulfillment. Continue forward through it all, gravitating toward love and purpose.


You’re living louder and more authentically, letting more of your true beliefs interact with your environment. It’s making relationships at all levels more fun and empowering. The Full Moon this week challenges you to find balance between personal new beginnings and service to an enriching partnership. Whether in business or pleasure, commit to honesty and transparency in collaborations.


Your passion and ambition awaken, inspiring you to craft an effective message and game-plan. Take time to research and be mindful of who’s listening before making declarative statements that can have lasting repercussions. Opportunities to plan ahead and followthrough with determination can empower you to heal beyond past insecurities.


A dormant curiosity reawakens, sparking your interest in a new adventure in creativity, study, or travel. Conflict between your community and your personal leanings challenges you to defend your instincts. Experiment with ways of bringing more of your authentic voice to all communication. Stay mindful of your audience when promoting your work and seeking collaborators.

Note to all sky mates: Give yourself wiggle room to determine what works best for you. Not everyone feels supported or enriched by the same things. Be mindful of times when you judge yourself prematurely, and choose to react in a new way than you have in the past. You can always discover new pathways to joy.

Watch my latest vlog for more on this week’s astrology & insights on the Full Moon. The astro segment begins at the 10:12 timecode. Enjoy!

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