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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.16 – 12.22

Follow your heart into new territory, Skymates! Energy from last week’s transformative Gemini Full Moon lingers through the week, guiding you toward truth, culmination, and release. Embrace instincts to share passion projects and complete works in progress. A resonant new thread of focus captures your attention, inspiring you to research and plan ahead toward freshly emerging goals. Be assertive about reaching out to ask pressing questions or have important conversations. Take your time processing information and developing a plan of action. 

Venus enters Aquarius on the 20th, attracting you to love, creativity, and connections that defy expectations and reinforce your freedom. You’re excited to experiment with different pleasures and forms of expression. Relationships transform, taking on new roles that may surprise you. The Sun enters Capricorn on Saturday, offering a healthy dose of disciplined ambition. Your instincts to pave an innovative path are supported by your willingness to show up for your goals persistently. Reach out to collaborators and brainstorm possibilities along the path ahead. 

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Possibilities for expansion bloom in your career, daring you to maintain your integrity in the midst of elevated pressure. Trust yourself to confidently step into further independence. Be proactive about planning ahead for your success. Give yourself time to do justice to your vision. Don’t hesitate to seek definitive answers when feeling unsure. Your position will be strongest when based in fact rather than ambiguity or assumption.  

Taurus: Epiphanies around your personal values inspire you to extend outside of yourself in assertive new directions. New destinations, areas of study, and long-term goals call your name. You discover pleasure in speaking your mind, and others are drawn to your passion. You can make a solid impression in your career by standing tall in your authenticity in the face of conformity. Write down inspired ideas as they come to you, even if you’re not sure what to do with them yet. 

Gemini: Your dreams are shifting in ways you hadn’t expected, redirecting you toward experiences aligned with your present-day priorities. You’re letting new revelations of self extend outward from within, touching all of your interactions with the world. It’s a delicious relief to allow yourself the freedom of authenticity. Offer yourself grace as you establish new rhythms of interaction with people that affirm where you’re at now. You don’t owe anyone the performance of their expectations. 

Cancer: You are letting go of outdated attachments, habits, and expectations in exchange for freedom and peace. Don’t let the jarring nature of uncertainty tempt you into repeating counterproductive old ways. Stay present in the possibility of each new moment and interaction. Give yourself space to play when your inner child wants to explore. Intentionally surround yourself with people who support and encourage your authentic voice. 

Leo: You find a joyful new rhythm in your work and daily habits that positions you to attract expansive opportunities. Follow the instinct to try new things in your routine that feel resonant with your evolved priorities. Check in with your relationship with yourself and with your body. Invest in rest and active self-care. New understandings about your context within community now inspire you to be more intentional about each interaction. 

Virgo:  You attract abundant opportunities when in the mental space of play and authentic expression. Give your inner child room to explore outside your usual routine. Exposure to new perspectives inspires you to create something impactful of your own. You’re falling in love with parts of yourself you once kept hidden, and are excited to now outwardly express them. Speak with clear intention and you’re sure to make a solid impression. 

Libra:  A period of creative blockage ends as your curiosity and imagination come to life. Indulge in creativity and exploration when inspiration strikes. Document your process. When things slow down a bit later in the week, get real with yourself about the kinds of changes you hope to make at home and with family. Name and confront the true obstacles to your peace, and then be assertive about making changes that invite the kind of dynamic you’re dreaming of.

Scorpio: You are setting the tone for an authentically expressive coming year. Trust your instincts to experiment as you sharpen your creative voice. Being direct and specific about your desires in partnerships of all kinds positions you to achieve a whole new level of mutual pleasure and fulfillment. Later in the week, you gravitate toward defining what family and home mean to you rather than falling into the world’s expectations. 

Sagittarius: All eyes are on you and you’re proud to stand tall in your growth. The time & energy you’ve put into a professional or creative partnership now bears fruit. Familiar instincts to hide or edit yourself prematurely may arise, but remain rooted in your authenticity. Trust yourself to navigate unknown territory in community and relationships with integrity. When Capricorn season begins, you step into an abundant new era of masterfully utilizing your talents and resources.

Capricorn: You are falling in love with the person you’re becoming in this blossoming era of evolved personal identity. You find the words and the strength to name lingering wounds or insecurities, which sets you on the path toward finally actively releasing them. Take action to let go of outdated obligations and soul ties to make room for abundance to come. Follow your instinct to take on new responsibilities that resonate with your evolved priorities. 

Aquarius: It comes naturally to savor your time alone, indulging in rest and comfort. New understandings of difficult memories free you from limiting beliefs you once clung to. It’s a relief to now recenter in a more resonant direction based in truth. You’re learning new ways to make yourself happy, which positions you to be more present & generous with others. If you find yourself depending on other people beyond what feels healthy, be assertive about investing in your independence. 

Pisces:  Being torn between your personal and professional lives has you seeking a more joyful & productive balance. You may even discover a fruitful overlap between the two. Run with instincts to hang with old friends as well as with completely new social circles. Don’t underestimate the infinite potential of each new interaction. Remain present and listen actively. New perspectives offer you peace and guide you toward healing. 

Note to All Skymates: What are you craving from community & friendships? Consider whether your habits are inviting and supporting these kinds of connections, and then be proactive about seeking out what you’re hoping to find. As you explore, you can discover an intense, motivating resonance that inspires you to join forces. 

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