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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.10 – 12.16

Explore with intention this week, SkyMates! Transformative energies from the Sagittarius New Moon on the 7th will linger through the 17th, so don’t fret if it’s taking you some time get all the way on board with emerging new beginnings. Know that there’s no need to rush the process of acknowledging and letting go of whatever is holding you back from taking assertive action toward your personal evolution. Letting go does not mean ignoring the past. Instead, offer forgiveness and acceptance to what didn’t work before, knowing that you get to make new defining decisions from here forward. Before the weekend rolls around, give yourself permission to take a tangible step forward. Don’t worry about external judgement as you maneuver your path.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, infusing the adventurous New Moon energy with a burst of bravery. When Mercury is in Sag, you are emboldened to ask questions, to reach out to otherwise intimidating collaborators or authority figures, and to gather as much information as you can about what resonates with your deepest held beliefs. Idealism and faith are heightened, and can inspire you to trust your gut. It comes natural to ooze charisma when you’re speaking on things aligned with your purpose and passions when Mercury is in outspoken Sagittarius. Stay mindful of your message, as always, but embrace your voice, with confidence.

With Venus still in Scorpio, adventurous Sag energy is grounded in a necessity of depth. You are willing to explore various new environments and topics, but are less inclined to get carried away on random whims. Your deepest loves and passions are prominent in your mind as you connect and communicate, and can help you to stay focused.

When a 1st quarter Moon in Pisces squares the Sun on Saturday, we face a crisis of self vs the collective. You’ll see how your forward movement toward fresh starts involves and interacts with those around you, and may be pressured to make defining decisions in reaction. Be clear in communicating your intentions and limits with collaborators, and listen to their end with an open heart. Remember that it is more than okay to say no or decide to move in a new direction in pursuit if authentic evolution.

What’s in store for your zodiac sign this week (read your Sun, Moon & Rising signs):


With the planet of communication entering your sector of exploration this week, you’re feeling emboldened to communicate your truth in new ways or through new forms of media. After deep contemplation and personal revelations, it comes natural this week to speak on your discoveries. Do so with compassion and mindfulness of the big picture. You may be surprised at just how far-reaching your truth travels!


You’re itching to explore new levels of intimacy, whether emotional or sexual. This begins with your relationship with yourself. Be honest about what you want, and then take action to prioritize these experiences. Respectfully move away from lukewarm connections to make room for vibrant resonance. You deserve pleasure and reciprocity, and shouldn’t settle for anything less.


This week is about bringing further authenticity to your commitments and partnerships. If there are areas where you feel out of sync or misunderstood, be proactive about addressing necessary details. You don’t have to ignore parts of yourself to be productive contributor in a partnership. In actuality, you’ll be more impactful and joyful in the long run by facing the full truth.


You’ve been getting clearer on personal health, organization and work goals, but making the first move in a new direction may have felt daunting or murky before this week. Know that there’s no need to shame yourself about the past. If you find yourself being overly judgmental of yourself, refocus your energy to what you can actively do to build upon new growth. You are powerful!


You’ve been preparing your act or message thoughtfully, and are now in performance mode. Assert your creative voice, knowing that your perspective is valuable. You never know when opportunity may strike, so keep your game-face on. Speak from the top of your intelligence and values when representing your work. If considering partnerships, stay grounded in your central goals before letting someone pull you off course.


Do not hesitate to prioritize your peace and joy this week, whatever that looks like for you. It’s more than okay to opt out in favor of recharging your batteries. Pay attention to what genuinely replenishes your spirit and bring more of that into your home. Sagittarius energy can help you to let go of societal views of “normal” in favor of what gives you, the sparkly individual that you are, what you need to thrive.


You’ve established structure and discipline toward personal goals this last few weeks, and now feel confident to let plans play out in the real world. You are seeing and living the benefits of giving focus to your foundation before prematurely oversharing the vision. Let your solid sense of purpose be your guide as you socialize, network and purposefully articulate your dreams. Revert your focus to true supporters if dealing with haters.


After focusing on finding the words to articulate evolved personal values, you’re taking action this week to put your money where your mouth is. Cut back on indulgences that are taking away valuable resources from your more pressing priorities. By cutting back on lukewarm luxuries, you create room for resonant abundance. You know what you really want, Scorpio. Now, make space for it in your world.


This is a time of profound rebirth for you. You’re deepening your connection to your purpose and making assertions toward your personal evolution. It’s impossible to dim your shine now, so you might as well lean into the spotlight with intention. Live loud and with love. If you find yourself feeling overly judgemental of others, try to redirect your focus to what you prefer to build upon rather than what you want to tear down.


You’re finding the language to engage with your healing more actively, and it’s incredibly freeing to your spirit. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself overcome with tears of simultaneous joy & loss this week as you connect dots to lingering frustrations. Journal, take voice notes of your thoughts, or reach out to a trusted loved one to talk through revelations.


You’re leading by example in your career, and should be mindful of just how visible you are. Remember that there’s no need to spread yourself thin to make a meaningful impact. You may feel tempted to compare yourself to others, but stay focused on your unique plan of action. You are capable of productively interacting and collaborating with new people while still upholding personal priorities.


A boost of creativity and confidence has you motivated to champion pending projects. You’re an especially powerful advocate now, as you’re finding powerful words to paint your intentions in the most intriguing light. Knowing your audience is key. Listen carefully to what people are genuinely craving, and highlight these elements in your projects. Take initiative by reaching out to gate-keepers and potential teammates.

Note to all Skymates:  If you’re breaking free of a period of feeling stuck, be intentional about bold moves. Doing something daring just to say you did may be tempting, but it isn’t sustainable. Bring the fullness of your present-day wisdom to the table, knowing that your integrity is an ever-evolving masterpiece.

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