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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 11.4 – 11.10

You define who you are with each new day, Skymates! Last Sunday’s Scorpio New Moon continues to inspire release & rebirth early this week, so make sure you set specific intentions for the coming 6 months before Thursday. Venus and Jupiter harmonize in Sagittarius, lighting a fire under you to show up passionately for the relationships & goals closest to your heart. Spontaneous rushes of bravery guide you to take purposeful risks aligned with the blooming new beginnings in your life. The Universe is on your side to discover new intersections of pleasure and purpose, but you must first be honest about what you want.

On Thursday, Saturn forms a motivating sextile to Neptune in the last of a set of three transits since Saturn has been in Capricorn. The first two took place on January 31 and June 18. Take this opportunity to lock in new discipline that supports your most resonant aspirations. You can set new rhythms into motion now that bring fulfillment as well as material success into your life for years to come. Take the lead rather than waiting for permission to go after your goals. Offer yourself grace in the process of establishing a purposeful new normal. 

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Aries: Remain present in the process of working through uncertainty in your professional or romantic partnerships. Confront miscommunications head-on rather than internalizing assumptions. Reflect on your contributions in the past, and then look toward what you have to offer now. A trip or new areas of study call to you, but there may be obstacles in place at the moment to your mobility. Take this opportunity to infuse your plan with attention to detail. When the moment comes, you’ll be ready.

Taurus: Fresh perspective on recurring conflicts in your partnerships positions you to set a new rhythm of mutually enriching teamwork in motion. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or offer context to others. Roll with the instinct to seek out & build upon your most resonant common ground.  Be proactive about tying up loose ends from lingering commitments that are no longer relevant. Do what you need to do to be fully present in the now. It’s a thrilling rush for you to make new connections built on authenticity.

Gemini: Hindrances to your plans or systems of organization now challenge you to get creative. Be proactive about trying out some new things to see what best supports your goals. You may need to offer focused attention to finishing out old projects or responsibilities before continuing forward. Get specific about your goals and the next steps before you. A creative, romantic, or professional partnership challenges you to show up for your vision with your continued commitment. 

Cancer:  You experience renewed inspiration around a recurring creative idea. While you may face some uncertainty now, remain rooted in how much fun you’re having in the present. Explore new corners of your expression. Be proactive about tying up any necessary loose ends so that you’re free of the extra pressure. Don’t wait for permission to dive into the details of clearing the path toward your goals. You are uniquely equipped to tackle emerging opportunities ahead with flying colors. 

Leo: You discover new room for fun and self-expression in the process of setting essential discipline in place. A goal you’ve put off comes knocking once again, and this time you’re ready to show up with enthusiasm. A bit of structure frees you up to be more expressive and present in the moment. You get a taste of just how worth it that extra push ends up being. Try not to dwell on disrupted expectations. Take that opportunity to prepare more thoroughly for success. 

Virgo: Fresh perspective on a recurring communication issue now positions you to update your reaction in pursuit of balance, teamwork, and strengthened community. Reflect thoroughly on your contribution to the situation. Resist any impulses to compare circumstances. When in doubt, circle back to your most resonant common ground. When you least expect it, a rush of inspiration relating to a recently neglected goal overcomes you. Get back to the drawing board.

Libra: The changes you crave within your home and inner circle now require some focused follow-through. It may not be as difficult as you once thought to create a new rhythm of mutual support with the people you care most about. Put recent lessons around building trust into action. Lead by example if you need to. New perspective helps you to contextualize a recurring problem in a productive new light. Give yourself room to mindfully update your habits.

Scorpio: You may feel restless in the midst of being more sure than ever before of what you want. Remain focused on the present moment. Tie up any and all loose ends that may complicate your plans for the future. Keep your long-game in mind as you face temporary restrictions to your movement. How can you strengthen your approach in the meantime? Reflect on lessons you’ve learned over the past 6 months and apply them to your present-day obstacles. 

Sagittarius: You’re highly attuned into untapped joy to be experienced alongside necessary discipline in your life, and are excited to explore. Seek out pleasure and connection as spontaneous instincts strike. Prioritize your rest and healing through it all. Think ahead about how to maximize your impact in this last full month of Jupiter at home in your sign. Set a foundation for prolonged abundance rooted in authenticity. What is the most loving thing you can do for yourself?

Capricorn: Recurring social conflicts return, challenging you to practice patience and dig a little deeper to uncover the truth. Ask questions rather than relying on your assumptions. Taking your time to understand the details of someone else’s experience can set the foundation for connection between you that’s stronger and more fulfilling than you ever expected. Stay present and open to the potential of your interactions. Ride a wave of creativity as it pulls you in new collaborative directions this week.

Aquarius: New inspiration guides you to revive incomplete or neglected professional goals. As you face restrictions along your path, resist impulses to rush through a quick fix. Take your time putting in work to strengthen all angles of your approach. With your persistence, you earn a reputation of authenticity and reliability that spreads organically among potential collaborators. Don’t be shy about showcasing your strengths.

Pisces:  The Universe is on your side to set long term abundance into motion in your career. This moment may present you with obstacles to your mobility, but know that this temporary bump in the road won’t keep you from your dreams. Do what’s within your control to strengthen your pitch and plan. Revisit destinations or studies that continue to spark your curiosity. What purposeful career risks can you work toward over this last month of Jupiter at home in Sagittarius?

Note to All Skymates: Mercury retrograde challenges you to remain committed to your growth this week. Lessons you’ve already learned return to test your progress. Trust your instincts. Hold yourself accountable to a higher standard that reflects your updated beliefs. 

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