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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 11.26 – 12.2

Lock in your game-plan for working toward longterm goals, and leave some room for spontaneity! Adventurous Sagittarius energy dominates this week, urging you to be proactive about your trajectory. On Monday, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. Optimism, luck, and generosity are heightened across the skies, so don’t be shy about pursuing what matters most. With Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Mars the same day, you may feel mentally rushed. Give freely to what feeds your spirit. Do so with patience and balance, knowing that there is no need to rush what is yours. Invest in longevity.

As the week progresses, motivation builds to work through the details of planning and communication. Sagittarius’s mutable sign energy provides some comfortable emotional detachment for interacting with new or varying personality types for work or social purposes. Pay close attention to seemingly small details, and give your all consistently. This is not the time for autopilot.

Friday, an opposition between Venus and Uranus shakes up your love life. Ready or not, things get real in a new way. Friction is natural and necessary in healthy relationships, but you have to determine for yourself what kind of conflict is workable for you. Be honest about what you want out of sexual and romantic relationships. Don’t hesitate to express unique personal needs. Trying to hide your truth will likely backfire now.

When Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio on Saturday, communications across the skies get more intense. Venus joins Mercury in Scorpio on Sunday, furthering this energy.  Passions are heightened and you’ll be eager to express them. Be especially mindful with your choice of words and of your audience. Not everyone will understand your most intense feelings, but that’s okay. They don’t have to. Save yourself some time and energy by picking your battles wisely.

What’s in store for your zodiac sign this week (Read your Sun, Moon & Rising signs):

Where would you go if fear weren’t holding you back? The Universe is pulling you toward expanded knowledge and fresh experiences this week. There’s no need to cling to your comfort zone when adventure calls. Try something new or go somewhere you never have before, knowing that no matter where you are, you’re still uniquely you.

Intimate and business partnerships bring up strong, unavoidable emotions this week. This is a crucial time to practice patience and listen carefully before reacting prematurely to others. Honesty now can set the foundation for cultivating your ideal balance in relationships longterm. Tempting opportunities to team up arise. Make sure to do thorough research before signing on the dotted line.

Opportunities arise this week to team up for a common cause, and you’re excited to put new knowledge of your patterns to good use. Self reflection has helped you to see what you bring to the table clearly, as well as what you need from others. Be mindful, but don’t hold back in communicating your truth to collaborators. Stay grounded in the present and focused on facts rather than getting carried away mythologizing or projecting.

This week is all about self-love for you, Cancer! Are there unhealthy or self-sabotaging habits you’ve been trying to leave behind? Give progress another shot early this week. Take the first step, and then the next. Document your process. This can be the beginning of a major lifestyle upgrade for you, if you’re up for it! You’ll be surprised at how energetic and confident you feel as a result of holding yourself accountable.

Passion and creativity alive and abundant for you this week. Impulses arise to express yourself in new ways through your personal style and expression. Pursue your curiosities, but stay in control of your ship. You may feel tempted to overindulge or go on autopilot in the face of intoxicating new experiences, but resist this impulse. Try your best to stay self1-aware and practice healthy restraint. Be clear about your boundaries and desires with collaborators of all kinds.

Be really honest with yourself about what home looks and feels like to you. Hold yourself accountable for bringing more of these qualities into your life. Also, what does family mean to you? Be honest with loved ones about your needs, and stay open to hearing theirs as well. If a new destination for permanent living or a temporary vacation has been calling your name, get real about considering your options. This is not the time to settle or downplay your curiosities!

This week is all about strengthening your community and bringing more intention to connecting. Chance encounters can have life-altering effects, especially early in the week. You may introduce friends who become business or romantic partners, or find yourself among a new group of collaborators who support and inspire you in unexpected ways. Stay aware of your boundaries, but keep an open mind as you interact. Try not to assume too much of others while exploring, as you could miss out on beautiful details.

Opportunity knocks! Pathways to increased income and security come to your attention this week, likely when you least expect it. Stay aware and write down ideas to make money moves as they come to you. A goal that may at first seem out of reach may become tangibly possible in the coming days. You may feel tempted to sell yourself short in exchange for a more immediate reward, but stick to your true priorities. Just because you don’t know all the details of how you’ll get there, doesn’t mean you aren’t already in route to your desired destination!

This week starts with a super lucky day for you with the planet of abundance in your sign conjunct with the Sag sun. Meet opportunity with confidence, Sag. Showcase your abilities and unique perspective. Embrace your enthusiasm to share, and do so thoughtfully and patiently. While you may be excited, take time with your message. Jupiter will be in your sign until Dec 2019, so utilize this year of abundance by being intentional about what and who you invite into your process.

The Universe is on your side to kick stubborn bad habits and love yourself better this week. Whether it’s a toxic relationship, addiction, or grudge, the planet of abundance is here to help you heal beyond it. You are not defined by what happens to you. Absorb the lesson worth learning, and leave ego-motivated frustrations behind. Now is the time to move forward with love. Lean into your growth by taking action toward healthier patterns from this point forward.

With bold Sagittarius energy igniting your technology and social sector, this is a powerful week to speak your mind with intention. Stay focused on your main goals when choosing where to place your energy. Combat frustrations with investment in what nourishes you. Relationships enter your orbit by chance that have the potential to grow into long-term friendships or professional partnerships.

Monday’s rare conjunction between Jupiter and the Sun in your achievements sector attracts abundance to your career. You can make a powerful, lasting impression this week, so consider your message and presentation thoughtfully. Give your all to completing pending projects the right way. Ignore temptations to rush through your work. Get clear on your professional plans for the coming year, knowing that only you get to decide your path.

Learn more about this week’s transits in the astro segment of my vlog (begins at 9:02 timecode):

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