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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 11.25 – 12.1

Claim your courage, Skymates! Venus enters Capricorn on Monday, inspiring you to thoughtfully prioritize around love, money, and partnerships. Your creative voice is vibrant and purpose-driven, attracting you to potential collaborators or admirers. It comes naturally to clearly define your boundaries and goals for connecting. Embrace your attraction to earned trust over fantasy.

A Sagittarius New Moon takes place on Tuesday, jump-starting a bold new era of assertive individuality in your life. Optimism guides you out of your comfort zone to discover potential for expansion and expression within reach that you may have previously overlooked out of intimidation. The next day, Neptune, planet of illusion, stations direct in Pisces, shaking you loose from false expectations. Remain committed to building upon a sturdy truth. Your confidence snowballs as you fill in the blanks of uncertainty along the path ahead. 

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Aries: You’re attracted to expansive opportunities to travel, self-promote, or explore new areas of study. Resonant connections find you organically as you pursue curiosities. Remain present in each interaction, despite familiar instincts. Fresh perspectives inform your path, awakening you to previously unrealized potential within reach. As you release unrealistic expectations, pathways to healing reveal themselves clearly. 

Taurus: Addressing shame with love can open up doors to pleasure and joy, whether shared with a lover, a partner, or with yourself. Embrace instincts to express yourself or communicate previously unspoken desires. You discover a nourishing balance of give and take, if you’re willing to be transparent and direct in conversation. Resist instincts to fall into an old pattern that no longer aligns with your priorities for connecting. 

Gemini: New love and partnership opportunities invite you to indulge in previously untapped avenues of collaboration. You organically strike a balance of organic mutual support as you embrace your authentic individual strengths. Offer your bonds the TLC they deserve & need to thrive. New access to money, property, or connections challenges you to prioritize thoughtfully rather than wasting precious resources. 

Cancer: You are attracted to new discipline & lifestyle shifts that better support your longterm goals. You strike an energizing balance between fun and productivity by remaining committed to your authenticity in the face of challenge. Resonant work captures your attention, inspiring you to offer your abilities to a worthy team or project. Admirers and potential collaborators take notice of your attention to detail.

Leo: Expectations & fantasies fade away to reveal productive clarity in your love, sex, and business partnerships. A dose of reality positions you to build toward a sturdier and more purposeful bond. When in doubt, return to shared interests that inspire playfulness and curiosity. You discover completely new ways to express your creative voice that can serve as a cathartic outlet. Give yourself room to be messy while trying new things.

Virgo: Embrace instincts to infuse your home space and intimate relationships with intention. New ease in communicating positions you to work toward solutions with loved ones and the people you live with. Lean into your inspiration as it guides you to make physical changes in your home that support your sensuality and creativity. Take this opportunity to address & release grudges, clutter, and emotional conflict. 

Libra: Idealism may have clouded your judgement in the past, but you now have an opportunity to restructure. Nourishing and inspiring interactions open your eyes to overlooked possibilities and also alert you to concerns to watch out for. New information positions you to prioritize based on a fuller and more honest perspective of the truth. It’s motivating to discover community with values aligned with your own.

Scorpio: It comes naturally to discover and implement resolutions to lingering conflicts. You strike a productive balance of creativity and structure that empowers you to express yourself efficiently. Try to release your attachment to expectations and ground yourself in the realities of your present moment. You may feel pressure to rush, but take your time with each step forward. Invest in sustainability and authenticity.

Sagittarius: It’s a delicious rush to be this certain of who you are and where you’re headed. Pause to ground yourself in the present with a few deep breaths, if feeling overwhelmed. The energy you’ve invested in foundation-building now supports your forward motion into brand new territory. Honor your instincts & curiosities. Document the exploration process. That record will come in handy in ways you never expected. 

Capricorn: Your emotional patterns come into clear focus, presenting an opportunity to end a cycle of hurt for good. Self-discoveries guide you toward peace and a reinforced appreciation for the multifaceted individual that you are. Embrace your attraction to relationships and circumstances that lift you up rather than drain you. Actively pursue healthy pleasures that call to you, without shame or hesitation. 

Aquarius: New community, teams, and friendships energize you and inspire you to aim high. You can strike a motivating balance of give and take with others that consistently leaves you feeling nourished and supported. Uncertainty around your career goals falls away as you encounter a clearer understanding of your context and resources. Make necessary adjustments to prioritize and set yourself up for success.

Pisces:  It’s freeing to release expectations or fantasies you’ve held onto about your identity or path. Approach yourself with acceptance and love, for all of who you are now. Recentering to your authentic nature reconnects you to your most resonant priorities and aspirations. It also positions you to communicate more effectively with others, both personally and professionally. Don’t be shy about letting your strengths shine. 

Note to All Skymates: Take yourself out on a solo adventure that speaks to your spirit this week. When was the last time you spent intentional quality time with yourself, or invested in your dreams? Consider a loving gesture you’d offer yourself if you were your best friend or lover. Indulge in some active self love.

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