Confront challenge with a confident curiosity, Skymates! Mars enters Scorpio on Tuesday, inspiring you to infuse your actions with meaning and passion. You’re compelled to dive head-first into topics others overlook or repress in pursuit of a fuller truth. Embrace your attraction to evolution when called to level-up. Mercury stations direct in Scorpio on Wednesday, emboldening you to pursue transformative interactions that may otherwise feel daunting. You’re eager to make resonant connections and solve problems collectively through direct communication.

Your social streak escalates as the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Thursday, awakening your inner adventurer. With Jupiter, planet of abundance, at home in Sagittarius for just a couple more weeks, invest in what is most meaningful to you. Make assertions in the direction of your most ambitious and personally resonant goals. Be persistent about creating new habits. The Universe is on your side to solidify a strong foundation of continued future abundance in your life. Let this snowballing sense of motivated purpose guide you through Sagittarius season, the New Year, and the New decade. 

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: A period of being out of sync with a business or sexual partner comes to a close as you take further personal responsibility for your happiness. Tending to your needs before bringing them to others positions you to come to a relationship with a sturdy confidence that supports your ability to be present & receptive. As the week progresses, your curiosities guide you to solidify expansive goals that once seemed abstract or impossible.

Taurus:  A period of uncertainty in a partnership comes to a close as you proactively confront lingering conflicts. With Mars opposing your sign, unaddressed issues become unavoidable. You’re acutely aware of the interplay between your personal agency and the demands of others. Be willing to interrupt a comfortably familiar rhythm. Decisions you make now set the tone for a new era of closeness, collaboration, and mutual pleasure.

Gemini: Now that you’ve established a productive new personal rhythm of discipline and organization, you’re curious to let these new habits shine in a partnership. Developed clarity around your limits and goals brings a new ease to your interactions with existing and new collaborators. An emerging connection reveals potential for long-term collective growth. Stay present in the process of building trust and joining forces. 

Cancer: Blocks to your creativity and sense of playfulness fade away as you tend to unfinished business and bring more intention to your habits. Are any lingering influences from the past taking up an unbalanced amount of space in your daily life? If so, be proactive about releasing them. Consider what kinds of new lifestyle or organizational habits might organically support your joy, mobility, and creative voice. 

Leo: Your creative journey brings you now to a moment of culmination. Prepare to release passion projects, or to communicate your vision to new team-members. With persistence, you can also set a productive and peaceful new rhythm in your home & inner circle. There’s no need to wait for permission to actively pursue the conditions you desire in your sacred space. When inspiration strikes, don’t hesitate to capture the moment. 

Virgo:  Be proactive about tending to unspoken tensions or unresolved conflicts with loved ones that stand in the way of the peaceful & fruitful dynamic you desire. Your inner circle may surprise you with just how receptive they are to your evolved needs or understandings. Show up with a willingness to incorporate new perspectives into your approach. Resist the impulse to impose projections on others before hearing out their points of view. 

Libra: Uncertainty around resources falls away as you lean into your discipline toward your goals. You’re eager to contribute to a team or community, and are proactive in positioning yourself to interact with like-minded people. A brainstorming session or insightful interaction sends you in a motivated new direction with lucrative potential. Put careful thought into how to most effectively communicate your specific vision. 

Scorpio: Take action to bring your habits into further alignment with your most resonant beliefs. Resist the impulse to lean on others’ opinions or expectations. Now is the time to invest time and resources into what you value most. Consider what kind of preparation might set you up for success. What changes or acts of discipline can you incorporate into your regular routine to support your financial and lifestyle goals? 

Sagittarius: Take action to invest in your healing and tie up loose ends in preparation for your emerging personal new year. When Jupiter moves from your sign to Capricorn in a couple weeks, you’ll transition from the planning stage of your vision to more active tangible interaction with the world. What can you do this week to lay a solid foundation for the coming expansion in your life? Tend to your short & long term plans with love. 

Capricorn: Now is the time to protect and invest in your healing. Pathways to further peace and joy present themselves to you, challenging you to show up for your evolution. Take your time processing new information that complicates your expectations. If feeling confused, be proactive about seeking out answers.  New understandings around power dynamics encourage you to tend to your goals and boundaries for connecting. 

Aquarius: Uncertainty along your professional path falls away as you lean into new avenues of self-sufficiency. Stay mindful of moments when you rely on others out of habit rather than intentionality. Have faith in your ability to adapt and take on new roles. These changes empower you to approach collaboration and connection with a reinforced confidence and a naturally attractive authenticity. 

Pisces: Restrictions to your mobility fall away as you thoroughly clarify your specific desires and priorities. External expectations may have abstracted your path in the past, but you’re now committed to recentering and maximizing your self-sufficiency. As the week progresses, your curiosity builds to exchange resources and insights with like-minded people. When it comes to self-promotion, allow your work and authentic voice to shine.

Note to All Skymates: Mercury retrograde has challenged you to confront a more complex truth than you had once anticipated. How will you now allow your evolution to interact with the world? Consider how to most effectively communicate your message to others. Speak and act on newly developed understandings without attachment to expectations.

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