Don’t be afraid of a whole new normal, Skymates! The Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday shines a spotlight on sexual and financial dynamics. Your material exchanges with others now inform you of areas in which you can either reclaim some of your power, or be more intentionally generous in the future. Take this opportunity to address whatever foundational needs you have before bringing them to others. Get clear on your tangible desires, even if it means doing some experimenting or some research. Showing up without any distractions or projections will empower you to organically build productive and mutually pleasurable partnerships.

With Venus and Jupiter harmonizing in adventurous Sagittarius, you are curious to experience new interactions of all kinds. Emerging interests and relationships call to you, offering hope and motivation. Mercury remains retrograde throughout it all, bringing an air of dejavu to your exchanges. Stay present in each new moment. Resist lower minded impulses to overspend or to react disproportionately to present day circumstances based on past motivations. You live here in the now. You can completely transform an existing social rhythm by standing tall in your truth and in your values.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Inviting abundance into your life may require that you travel or dive into fruitful new areas of study. Resist the reflex to prematurely rule out possibilities that would significantly switch up your daily routine. New context around past conflicts in sexual or business partnerships empowers you to let go of draining resentments in pursuit of more affirming and productive connections. Follow your instinct to recenter and pursue a fuller truth as you plot the course ahead. 

Taurus: Revelations of self position you to pursue and achieve new heights of mutual satisfaction in your sexual, creative, and business partnerships. You’ll encounter fresh opportunities to react in a productive new way that resets a counterproductive rhythm. Clashes of expectations motivate you to prioritize creating new normals of self-sufficiency in your life. Indulge in restorative solo time to recharge and check in when necessary. 

Gemini: Embrace the snowballing instinct to release, recenter, and focus on healing. Emotional and spiritual matters interrupt your normal flow, but they also position you to continue in an impactful new direction. Remain present in working through strong feelings and motivations. Tend to pressing feelings of lack that have the potential to distract you from your purpose or from having productive connections. Know that you are stronger than your lower minded impulses. 

Cancer: Epiphanies around your context in your community spark your inspiration to revive forgotten creative projects. You organically stumble upon impactful ways to express pressing personal truths. Let your passions guide you to fun and fulfilling new practices. Discoveries made now inspire foundational new cornerstones of your work and creative routines moving forward. While in your element, you encounter resonant new connections.

Leo: Recurring conflicts in your home and inner circle return, demanding that you address them once and for all. It’s time to create boundaries that support your peace and productivity. Developing responsibilities at work make it clear that you need to update your emotional habits. Address insecurities with a willingness to put in the time and energy it takes to strengthen your foundation. Aim for the kind of success that rings true to your unique priorities and values. 

Virgo:  Game-changing new information widens your range of options ahead to enrich your perspective. Activities that have felt normal to you now lose their relevance as you recenter to your most resonant values. Your interactions inspire you to seek out opportunities to learn or travel. Varying perspectives challenge you to lean into your patience when dealing with teams. Carefully consider your timing and your context as you address conflicts.

Libra: New perspective into issues involving values, money, and routines empowers you to masterfully address a recurring conflict and establish a productive new direction. You can discover fresh potential for financial expansion or wealth of purpose down previously overlooked avenues. Lean into your curiosity and when confronted with developing cravings in sex, relationships, and business. Offer yourself some wiggle room to explore your options. 

Scorpio: Your relationships reveal new layers of possibility that completely shatter your past expectations. Ask questions when necessary. Be proactive about pursuing and building upon what makes you feel secure and capable. Think about ways that you can plan ahead to maximize the impact of your resources. What is within your power today that can empower you to reinforce your stability for years to come? Start as small as you need to, but show up with your full focus and commit to persistence. 

Sagittarius: Savor the rush of having Venus and Jupiter supporting your pursuit of pleasure and abundance. Many tempting offers compete for your attention, but it’s essential that you start with your most centrally resonant priorities. Channel all that electricity toward long-term goals aligned with your purpose. How can you optimize your time and resources to set the foundation for prolonged abundance in your life? Get started with an updated routine this week. 

Capricorn: New context for past experiences revives your inspiration around incomplete creative projects. You can express yourself or dive into spontaneous experiences that support your healing. Are there any pressing emotions or opinions that you need to find a healthy outlet for? Be honest with yourself and show up for your growth. Try new things until you figure out what works for you. Friends from the past reemerge and new friends enter your orbit who encourage you to give love to the child within.

Aquarius: Personal and foundational concerns interrupt your focus on work, demanding that you restructure your schedule and priorities. Offer TLC to your mental and emotional state. Be proactive about any neglected matters involving your home and inner circle that could use some increased intention. Unapologetically create and communicate new boundaries when necessary. Setting some defined limits and goals opens your eyes to fruitful possibilities to connect within reach.

Pisces:  With patience and attention to detail, you can discover a fulfilling sweet spot between what you love doing and what can attract career success into your life. Your interactions challenge you to incorporate varying perspectives into your approach, and it only changes your work for the better. Don’t be afraid of ditching expectations based on outdated assumptions. What lies ahead of you has so much more to offer you than those irrelevant projections.

Note to All Skymates: Bring fantasy into reality by taking tangible action to create the circumstances in your life that invite these possibilities. Don’t let a lack of community in the present day keep you from pursuing something that calls to you. Show up for what you want before defaulting to others. You’ll establish community organically with experience. 

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