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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 10.7 – 10.13

Let yourself get carried away in a wave of passion, Skymates! Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday, inspiring you to explore new heights of pleasure, creativity, and desire. You are drawn to relationships and experiences most resonant with your purpose that push you to dig deep. You are impatient with shallow pageantries, preferring instead to stand tall in your authentic truth. Indulge the instinct to pour love and attention into the most important relationships in your life. Offer your focus to any callings you’ve been hiding beneath the surface.

A Full Moon in Aries on Sunday emboldens you to stand in the light. Now is the time to release creative works and passion projects that you’ve been pouring blood, sweat, and tears into since the Aries New Moon in April. Celebrate your wins, big and small. Take a beat to consider recent lessons and apply what you’ve learned to your game plan for the coming 6 months. Don’t let a rush of excitement distract you from essential truths discovered along the way.

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Aries: Offer close relationships some TLC. Stay willing to dive deep to communicate through lingering conflicts in your sexual and professional partnerships. What changes could help you to feel further supported? How can you be a more supportive partner? With patience, you can accomplish so much more than initially seems possible. This weekend, you experience an epiphany involving your life path ahead. Write down ideas that excite you as they strike.

Taurus: Intense emotions spark your curiosity in close relationships. Take initiative to clear up miscommunication or re-center your common ground. This weekend, you approach a turning point in your healing journey. Follow through on commitments and tie up loose ends. Stay present in the process of letting go. Identify any feelings of loss, and then consider ways within your power that you might be able to replenish yourself in a similar area of your life. 

Gemini: Renewed passion encourages you to commit to fitness, work, or health goals. Be sure to leave some room for sensuality and rest in your busy schedule. This weekend, you confront truths about your patterns in social circles. This further self-awareness positions you to embrace a new level of confidence as you engage the world. New information changes the dynamic of a relationship in your life for the better. Stay honest and present through this collective growth.

Cancer: You are buzzing with a natural curiosity and passion for the moment. Resist any instincts to over-edit yourself before you’ve even begun. Record creative ideas as they come, no matter how abstract they may seem at first. This weekend, you close out a professional project you’ve been working on since April. Stand tall in your progress. Don’t hesitate to mindfully self-promote. Stay open to expansive new social experiences. Where do you see yourself professionally in 6 months?

Leo: You’re getting real with yourself and others about what you need to feel supported and replenished. Speak up about your newly understood needs. Reach out to clear the air around unresolved issues with loved ones. Lean into your patience as you take the first steps in creating new healthy habits. Don’t be afraid of some healthy solitude in the process of figuring out what you need. This weekend, you get clearer on immediate goals to expand your mind or travel. 

Virgo: Your relationships adapt and transform as you zero in on your evolved priorities. You can stumble upon a romantic connection within your community, or discover fruitful potential for friendship in unexpected places. Stay alert to the truths blooming before you in your intimate relationships. New understandings of your unique collective rhythm position you to delve into untapped avenues of productive partnership. Tend to imbalanced power dynamics with a commitment to equality. 

Libra: Early this week, you’re inspired to make mindful investments of time and resources in your evolved priorities. You’re prepared to negotiate to improve upon existing dynamics, but have very little patience for anything that doesn’t live up to your new standards. Don’t let a challenge or conflict scare you away from a collaboration that could be great. This weekend, an energizing partnership motivates you to give your best to a worthy cause. 

Scorpio: Through this period of healing, you’re settling into an evolved sense of earned confidence. You’re speaking your truth effectively, and are deeply in tune with your personal rhythm. Your organic enthusiasm is infectious to others, but it’s important that you remember to fill your own cup first. Embrace instincts to preserve and extend your restful solo time. Indulge in self nurturing practices that help you to feel strong, replenished, and prepared. 

Sagittarius: Intense emotions and inspiration pull you in many directions this week. Pause to prioritize mindfully rather than throw a ton of things on your plate at once. Don’t hesitate to prioritize some solo restorative time when needed. You’re identifying patterns in creativity and love that you hope to leave behind in favor if of healthier and more productive alternatives. Think about how to maximize your impact in this last couple months of Jupiter at home in your sign. Plan ahead to take some calculated risks.

Capricorn: Now that you have established a solid new rhythm in your career, you’re eager to branch out socially. New friendships can also bloom into productive professional partnerships. You could meet a soul mate while exploring new social circles. This weekend, slow down to check in with your home base. Tend to any necessary changes you can make to maximize your peace and replenishment in your sacred space and in your inner circle. What do you need to feel supported? 

Aquarius: Your interactions ignite your motivation and curiosity. Be sure to do your own research before acting on news you hear from others. Consider your patterns around commitment. Are there ways you’ve been holding back rooted in fear or insecurity? Fill your cup energetically before diving into social environments. Be proactive about mindfully seeking out community. If feeling curious to connect with someone in particular, consider how you specifically can be helpful and stand out from the crowd. 

Pisces: New destinations, experiences, or studies call your name. You are comfortable navigating the unknown, and revel in the rush of paving your own way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to others for advice or community. This weekend, you have a game-changing epiphany about your values and daily routines. Choose to invest your resources in ways that further reflect your updated priorities. Remain connected to the curious student and child within.

Note to All SkymatesStay willing to adapt, learn, and work to show up for what you want. Know that your happiness is an ever-blooming practice. Aim for sustainability and self-sufficiency. Don’t waste time waiting for permission or a co-sign. 

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