Stay alert & adaptable during this last Mercury retrograde of the decade, Skymates! Transformational New Moon energy guides you through the week. This is a game-changing moment of self discovery, and you are prepared for all that it reveals. Be honest about areas of excess in your life, and commit to working toward balance. Lean into your patience as you confront resistance. Surprises may throw you off momentarily, but you can quickly regain a sense of control. Taking a beat to react thoughtfully rather than impulsively will set you up for success. Know that you are capable of turning around a situation that now feels draining. A peek into a new perspective sparks your curiosity to pursue a fuller understanding of the truth.  

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio begins this Thursday and will last until November 20. Opportunities arise for you to express yourself in a powerfully honest new way in the face of familiar obstacles. Resist the urge to speak or act on something you don’t absolutely know all the details about. Take initiative to inform yourself further rather than internalizing assumptions. Consider your privilege as it relates to your communication habits, and whether there are more effective ways you can interact with your personal and professional communities.

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Aries: Chaos or friction in your intimate partnerships can provide a pathway toward the kind of mutually enriching connection you crave. Stay present and willing to communicate your needs through uncertainty or frustration. Resist the urge to rush through problems or shut down in seek of distraction. Revisit your most resonant common ground and then build upon that strong foundation. Be honest with yourself when it becomes clear that it’s time to implement new discipline in your life or move in a new direction. 

Taurus: You’re drawn to partnerships that naturally inspire and motivate you. Relationships evolve into new avenues of connection and collaboration. Consider how you can be uniquely helpful to others, rather than going through the motions. Run with the instinct to do some focused work on self-mastery as different perspectives influence your direction. A little patience and attention to detail go a long way toward building strong productive bonds that attract abundance to all involved.   

Gemini: Strong emotions become undeniable in relation to your work and daily habits. Thoughtfully react to feelings of dissonance rather than forcing yourself to stay in an unfulfilling rhythm. Reorganize your time and resources to better support your purpose. Make changes in your schedule and organization that position you to feel physically and mentally strong as you face the world. Have patience while experimenting with new options to find what works for you. 

Cancer: Your curiosity and creative voice are electrifying, pulling you toward your passions. Capture ideas as they come to you. Resist impulses to edit ideas prematurely out of feeling protective or fearful. Your creativity can’t hurt you. Get it down on paper or record it in a voice note before you worry too much about the practicality of it all and talk yourself out of something game-changing. You’re sure to attract attention and admirers when expressing yourself authentically. 

Leo: Roll with the impulse to slow down and turn inward. Check in on your relationship to self, including the tone of your inner voice. Could you be more loving to yourself? Offer focused attention to your home and to your innermost circle. Are there changes you can make in your sacred space to make you feel better supported in your specific present-day lifestyle? Be proactive in bringing up pressing matters with loved ones that can help you build toward a more mutually enriching dynamic between you. 

Virgo:  Your social life is lively, sparking your curiosity and drawing you in exciting new directions. Embrace the impulse to invest in relationships that stand out and enrich your life. You can discover the perfect teammate or a validating connection you share with someone in your orbit. This is a powerful time for you to network or to release creative works. Express yourself however feels right, even if it’s your first time using your voice in this new way. 

Libra: Shifting priorities inspire you to make adjustments to how you invest your resources. Be sure to take your time and do diligent research before making big purchases or commitments. Distorted expectations may tempt you to act impulsively. Try out some new habits that allow you to better support your unique strengths. You can surprise yourself with just how far a little extra attention to detail can go. While you’re a natural bridge builder, remember that some things aren’t up for negotiation. 

Scorpio: A rush of confidence propels you forward, inspiring you to aim high and to try entirely new things. You’re emboldened to approach obstacles that once seemed daunting with a willingness to listen, adapt, and speak up when necessary. It comes naturally to amplify your updated priorities in all that you do. You can surprise yourself with just how much you can accomplish in a short time. Don’t hesitate to turn inward and focus on your needs and dreams when the moment strikes.

Sagittarius: Embrace the impulse to rest and reset. Consider which daily routines and commitments no longer resonate with where you’re headed, and be proactive about bringing your habits into truer alignment with your purpose.  As old wounds or insecurities are provoked later in the week, ground yourself in love. Refocus to the tangible options before you to guide the situation intentionally, and stay the course. There’s no need to overreact to heresay or matters outside of your control. You are centered in purpose.

Capricorn: You draw profound inspiration from friends and peers now. Dive into new social situations that call to you, with a solid awareness of your boundaries always at play. You discover a team or group that empowers you to effectively work toward resonant collective goals. You’re able to help people in ways that come completely naturally, all while soaking up the enriching reciprocity between you. Clashes of personality challenge you to stay focused and defend your priorities. 

Aquarius: You know exactly what you want in your career, but present day obstacles restrict you from living out the full picture quite yet. Be proactive about making necessary changes that build upon your strengths and address weaknesses. Be honest with yourself with you notice a counterproductive pattern beginning to set in. Stay present in sharpening your craft, even amid potential ego-based social distractions. Don’t let anyone else define success for you. 

Pisces:  Your curiosity leads you into completely new worlds of thinking. Don’t be afraid to entertain possible leaps of faith that position you to learn and bring deeper meaning to your daily routines. Just be sure to take your time researching a rock solid plan of action before you jump. You may not need to venture far to discover exactly the kind of transportive experience you crave. Are there any classes or trips you’ve been longing to take? Show up for your passions with a willingness to grow over time. 

Note to All Skymates: Know that you never have to prioritize politeness over the truth or over your boundaries. No one is entitled to you beyond what you are willing to share. Your energy is a precious resource. 

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