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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 10.21 – 10.27

Follow the call of emerging passions, Skymates! Emotional intensity builds throughout the week, leading up to Scorpio season beginning on Wednesday & then a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday. Be assertive about releasing outdated obligations and tying up the loose ends of Libra Season. Shallow connections and pursuits lose all relevance, falling away to reveal what truly electrifies your most resonant and deeply rooted desires. Pursue curiosities that tempt you to dig deeper to explore hidden truths and uncovered possibilities. Spare some solo time or alone time with a lover to explore the expanses your pleasures. 

Sunday’s New Moon shakes you loose from your previous expectations, redirecting you toward further independence. Remain present in your intuition and emotional reactions. Attempting to bottle your passions to uphold normalcy isn’t worth the tiring work or the inevitable emotional explosion. Rise to the occasion when you feel inspired to express yourself, apologize, or reach out to have significant talks. Your patience may be tested, but keep your eye on your long game. There’s no need to let a bothersome but ultimately irrelevant area of friction snowball.  

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: A relationship transforms as you lean into new areas of vulnerability and collaboration. You discover how naturally it comes to support one another, and are excited to maximize your collective impact. Embrace instincts to dive into productive research that can position you and a partner to live out your passions. Lean into the instinct to communicate intense emotions or motivations in the moment. You are hyper aware of power dynamics shifting around you, which can come in handy.

Taurus: There is no need to attempt doing everything on your own. The structure you have recently introduced into your life has strengthened your foundation, and you are now ready to partner up with someone who has similar goals. It’s freeing to discover that someone’s been looking for exactly what you have to offer. Know that you bring a unique flavor to the table that cannot be duplicated. Approach budding and evolving relationships with an open heart and an active commitment to your collective desires. 

Gemini: Creative revelations over the past month now inspire you to invite structure into your life that supports fulfilling growth. Give yourself room to try out new habits in health, work, and organization to see what works best for you. Discoveries about the complex realities of your most resonant goals now push you to make significant changes to your plan of action. Try to release your expectations. Circumstances may not be as you originally imagined, but can turn out even better. Stay present in the blooming possibility that surrounds you. 

Cancer:  Instincts inspire you to seek out and build upon the hidden joys around you. You are eager to express intense emotions and pursue emerging curiosities. Run with the impulse to explore your creative voice in completely new ways. Give yourself room to make mistakes in the process. A fervent focus guides you, bringing a productive urgency to all that you do. Channel some of that juice toward your long-term professional & creative goals, and don’t forget to have some fun while you’re at it.

Leo: Your non-stop social life slows down as Scorpio season brings focus to your emotional foundation. What do you need at home and in your inner circle to feel better supported and replenished? Be assertive about making physical changes or reaching out to have transformative conversations about how to make home a more collectively peaceful and productive place for everyone. The New Moon jump-starts nourishing fresh starts rooted in authenticity and a commitment to growth. 

Virgo:  You are eager to allow recently developed personal values to interact with your community & connect you to like-minded thinkers. Run with instincts to reunite with your inner circle, pursue resonant new friendships, and expand upon community. A collective passion project brings you together, presenting opportunities to offer your assistance in ways that feel organic, while absorbing lessons and experience from others. Gravitate toward connections that lift your spirits and motivate you. 

Libra: Revelations and fresh starts begun during Libra season shift from being imagined abstract possibilities to being tangible building blocks for accumulated wealth or value in your life. This comes with new responsibilities that may at first be intimidating you. Don’t shy away from a worthy challenge. Take an honest look at your spending habits and commit to making necessary changes to invest more intentionally in your most resonant values. 

Scorpio: You are at home in the spotlight, amidst intense waves of feeling. Take your time easing into major new beginnings. Don’t hesitate to prioritize rest, when necessary. External expectations of you challenge you to pick between standing tall in your truth or succumbing to the pressures of the world. This process encourages you to take on new responsibilities that may require some work, but ultimately position you to be more self-sufficient and to speak authentically with confidence. 

Sagittarius: Finish out team-based work and communicate important professional messages early this week. You’re going to want to offer full focus to all that Scorpio season and the New Moon uncover. Do what you need to do to create an environment that supports this era of rebirth in your life. Make healing and release top priority in preparation for your personal New Year during Sag Season. Consider the resonance of your attachments and adjust when necessary. 

Capricorn: Your connections are fruitful catalysts for growth and transformation. Remain connected to your awareness of your worth and your power in relationships & negotiations. Something you do or say in passing can have a deeply resonant positive influence on someone else’s journey. Embrace the impulse to dive deeper or get more vulnerable than you have before in a partnership, an alliance, or a friendship. Be proactive about positioning yourself to connect with people who share your passions. 

Aquarius: Venturing outside of your comfort zone has opened up doors to new career opportunities and responsibilities. Proudly showcase your work and your abilities. Make yourself as easy to reach as possible to your ideal audience or future collaborators. Think about how to enhance what you uniquely bring to the table. Offer yourself patience in the midst of changes in home and family that disrupt your typical routine. Communicate your needs clearly to minimize any impacts on your work. 

Pisces:  Fresh horizons call your name this week. Honest and present interactions awaken an urgency within to explore. Do thorough research on your options during the week, so that you’re ready to make moves by the New Moon on Sunday or early next week. Give yourself room for some trial and error in the process of finding a purposeful new direction. Show appreciation for the partnerships in your life that inspire and uplift you. 

Note to All Skymates: Pay attention to moments when you notice yourself constantly dwelling on strong emotions without acting on them. Name how you’re feeling and investigate what’s specifically provoking you within it all. Choose instead to position yourself in a place of power by taking action to improve upon your experience. Don’t wait for anyone to fix it for you. 

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