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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 10.14 – 10.20

Release and recenter, Skymates! Transformative energy of Sunday’s Aries Full Moon remains strong through thursday, so roll with instincts to plan ahead and make productive lifestyle changes. Jupiter forms a challenging sesquiquadrate with Uranus on Monday, finishing a set of three occurring in 2019. The first two took place on January 9th & June 6th. Clashes of opinion or motivation push you to specify your goals with more intention and update your approach. Put extra thought into how you can most effectively communicate with varying personalities while maintaining your authenticity. 

While you may feel restless, have faith in the process. Take time to research what truly works best for you rather than hopping into something seemingly convenient. Offer yourself grace as you get into the groove of updated daily habits in pursuit of your goals. Trust in your ability to adapt. Jupiter remains at home in Sagittarius until December 2, cheering you on to take purposeful risks. Invite abundance into your life by showing up consistently to strengthen your foundation. Show that Universe you’re serious about your growth. How will you make the most of these next 7 weeks?

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant)…

Aries: Stay present in the epiphanies washing over you now, Aries. Write down ideas as they come to you, even if you’re not yet sure how to bring them to life. Revelations of self position you to more effectively communicate your true intentions both privately and publicly. Important relationships stand out to you, inspiring you to express gratitude however fits your unique bond. Don’t hesitate to set aside some solo time to recharge and reconnect with your central motivations.

Taurus: Unresolved emotional matters demand your attention early in the week. Stay present in how you feel, rather than trying to rush to the next thing or pretend nothing ever happened. Define obstacles for what they truly are rather than how they may have been sensationalized in the past. Then, channel your focus toward factors within your control with every step forward. Welcome necessary endings, knowing that it will free you to be fully present in blooming beginnings on the horizon. 

Gemini: You are transforming your habits in relationships to make room for further authenticity and productivity. As you cultivate healthy reciprocal connections, blaring conflicts become clear to you in existing relationships. Unapologetically communicate evolved priorities and boundaries. Resist a familiar impulse to idealize a connection when the data shows a different picture. Have faith in the process of organically building trust over time.

Cancer: Stand tall in your integrity amidst clashes of ego in your professional life. Allow your hard work speak for itself. Release passion projects and make assertive professional moves in pursuit of your long-term goals. Resist the urge to shy away from the spotlight when recognized for what you do. New opportunities enter your orbit, demanding that you rise to the occasion. Offer yourself some grace as you take on new responsibilities and plan for success. 

Leo: Your vibrant social life supports a visceral sense of purpose for you. Interactions push you to define your beliefs and enact them in the world. Clashes of opinion or taste complicate your creative voice. Know that you can never be everything to everybody, but remain open to putting work into perfecting your craft. Windows into different perspectives empower you to now communicate a more informed honest message through your work, art, or voice. Resist impulses to pull away from emotional intensity. 

Virgo:  Epiphanies around values, power, or partnership challenge you to get proactive about your boundaries and healing. No one else can define your values for you. Familiar insecurities knock on your door, but you have this opportunity to greet them with a response that centers you in power and integrity. Be proactive in reaching out to have productive conversations that get to the heart of the matter. Address intense feelings of imbalance in romantic or business relationships with a willingness to adapt. 

Libra: You reach a turning point in a relationship that challenges you to turn inward and truly see your patterns in intimacy. Be honest with yourself about the reality of your circumstances, rather than falling into patterns of idealizing. Be honest with yourself and others about what you truly long for in your partnerships, and then hold yourself accountable for cultivating habits that invite this kind of connection. Don’t shy away from putting in emotional work for a worthy connection.

Scorpio: Run with instincts to prioritize and simplify as they arise. Check in with your body and mind with a commitment to loving yourself actively. You don’t need to wait for a holiday or big event to make moves that bring ease to your life and support your productivity. Your vibrant social life has awakened you to game-changing perspectives. Now, there’s no going back to compromises you once made in relationships. Ask for help and reach out to collaborators when your progress organically guides you there. 

Sagittarius: Stay present and alert to all that you’re attracting. Abundant opportunities enter your orbit, and it’s up to you to show up for the occasion & follow through. Resist impulses to over-promise in moments of excitement. Channel that enthusiastic electricity toward focusing in on one step at a time on the path toward long-term goals. This is a powerful time for you to assemble your dream team, check in with a mentor, or make a striking professional impression. 

Capricorn: The past year has opened up life-changing doors toward healing in your life. This week, emotional tests challenge you to remain rooted in your newly-developed integrity. Practice patience with yourself and others as you apply recent lessons to personal and professional conflicts. Run with instincts to simplify as they arise. Don’t forget to set aside time in your busy schedule to check in with your inner circle for mutual support.

Aquarius: You are updating your habits of communication to make room for further productivity, authenticity, and reciprocity. Trust yourself to break out of social instincts you now realize are counter productive. Clearly define and stand by your boundaries. Before diving into interaction, start with your relationship with self. Look in the mirror and address feelings of need. Experiment with new ways of filling your energetic cup so that you can bring a level mind and focused energy to your interactions. 

Pisces:  Roll with the instinct to adjust your investments and spending habits to further reflect your evolving personal values. This process will push you to communicate your priorities and seek out compromise with collaborators or authority figures. Know that this temporary friction will open doors to further freedom and fulfillment for you. Stay connected to your central purpose amid the chaos of social politics. Resist impulses to allow rumors or irrelevant opinions guide your decisions. 

Note to All Skymates: This week, actively seek out balance between your focus and your imagination. Know that being focused does not have to mean shutting off your creativity. Rather than let ideas float around in your mind pulling you in many directions, get them down on paper or record them in a voice note. That way, you can get back into following through on your current focus, knowing that ideas for the future are saved and ready. 

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