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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.7 – 1.13

Uranus, the planet of innovation and rebellion, turned direct in Aries on Sunday. While Uranus was in retrograde motion, ideas involving technology and innovation developed beneath the surface. Barriers to entry made it tough to bring your vision to life, but ultimately empowered you with priceless wisdom about how to maximize your impact at the right time. With Uranus now direct, you will have real-life opportunities to let your ground-breaking ideas interact freely with the world, likely through technology. From now until March will be the final stretch of Uranus in Aries before Uranus enters Taurus for the next 8 years. Circumstances may be unpredictable, but reacting with integrity will build your confidence.

Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday, awakening a flirtatious curiosity across the skies. You’ll be feeling optimistic about love and the potential of your relationships. Sagittarius energy can be incredibly imaginative, so stay mindful that you aren’t reading too much between the lines. Ask questions when unsure. You are drawn to friends and lovers you can share both deep vulnerability and lighthearted fun with naturally. It’s thrilling to explore a wide variety of options now, making it tough to narrow down to just one.

What’s in store for your zodiac sign this week (read your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant)…


A rush of confidence inspires you to make moves on the internet and at work. You may feel impulsive, but pause to do thorough research and planning before you make a big statement. You’re curious to experience something new in love and sex, and should be upfront with new or existing partners about exactly what you want. A strong fascination with a lover inspires you to try something you never have before.


After some time of feeling blocked or conflicted, you’re now being proactive about establishing a healthier relationship to technology. This could be the beginning of a social media detox, or some solid new boundaries to make sure it isn’t depleting your energy. You’re prioritizing your closest relationships this week, hoping to create an environment that supports authentic intimacy.


You’re applying recent healing to your relationships to technology and to work, setting limits for yourself that protect your joy. Delete an app that’s draining you or unfollow accounts that bring you down. Follow the impulse to do a deep dive to find out more about innovative possibilities to grow that spark your curiosity. Keep romantic and business partnerships stimulating by going on an adventure together.


Venus moving into your work and organization sector creates an atmosphere of compassion and harmony in your career. Take a chance on a new social experience that sparks your curiosity. This is also powerful time to set new health and fitness habits in motion. Accountability partners can make a world of difference in sticking with a new rhythm.


Your creative voice is alive and vibrant. Indulge in creative works. Pour hour energy into a brainchild. Uranus going direct in your expansion sector opens doors of possibility you hadn’t imagined. Utilize technology to maximize the impact of your voice. Consider how you can use your talents to support people and causes that you believe in. Your authentic enthusiasm attracts admirers and collaborators.


With Venus in your roots and foundation sector for the next 4 weeks, you are attracted to reinforcing and bringing love into your home. Prioritize rest and peace. Don not hesitate to reclaim your time, when necessary. With Uranus now direct in your intimacy sector, new depths of pleasure or vulnerability are within reach. Be honest with partners about your evolved priorities or needs.


You are curious to offer your talents to support others, and can help yourself in the process. It’s a joyful time to work in teams or branch out socially. Utilize technology to connect more productively with a loved one or business partner. Evolved priorities now attract you to new and different types of friends and collaborators than what you’re used to. You’re an especially powerful peacemaker or bridge between varying personalities this week.


It pays to focus on what you love, with Venus in your money and values sector for the next 4 weeks. Pour your heart and soul into a passion project. Get a chunk of hard work out of the way now to set yourself up for passive income in the future. You’re resourceful and convincing when championing your passions. Stagnation in a partnership falls away as unpredictable circumstances challenge you to reconnect.


Venus entering your sign for the next 4 weeks awakens your confidence and appreciation of self. Stagnation toward work and health goals finds renewed momentum as you reconnect to what you love. Evolve your technology habits with to better support your goals and truest joys. Set boundaries that cut out distraction and frustration. Maximize your exposure to your passions and things that reinforce your productivity.


Venus enters your privacy sector on Monday, where it’ll remain for the next 4 weeks. Offer attention and patience to mending unresolved hurt. Write a letter to someone that you may not even send to get your feelings out of your system. Journal, talk to someone you trust about what you’re healing through, and prioritize rest. Create circumstances to attract the full and supportive kind of love you deserve by offering attention to yourself first.


You thrive in teams and among friends with Venus in your society sector for the next 4 weeks. You’ll be naturally attractive to others when in environments where you’re surrounded by things you love. Adventures with new friends and collaborators blur the line between work and play. Be mindful not to limit yourself with assumptions. Luck finds you in unexpected places this week.


Venus entering your career sector infuse more of a playful spirit into your work life. If your current circumstances don’t leave much room for true inspiration, utilize this next 4 weeks by making necessary changes. Adjust your plans to match up with your evolved priorities and joys. This is a powerful time to make a positive impression on authority figures simply by being yourself with confidence.

Note to All Skymates: If feeling lonely, intimidated, or a combination of the two, take tangible action this week to seek others who share your experience. Be proactive. There are people who feel the way you do, waiting to connect. Share stories and language with a new friend or read/watch stories of those who’ve been through what you have.

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