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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.6 – 1.12

Aim high & honor the process, Skymates! Motivating energies build throughout the week leading up to an illuminating Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on Friday. New circumstances position you to see your home and family from a perspective that demands you take action toward harmony. Give yourself space to process information and to consider a thoughtful and productive game plan. The same day, Uranus stations direct after a 5-month retrograde, jump-starting a new era of assertiveness in your life. Trust instincts to make purposeful risks and initiate transformation. 

Saturn forms a conjunction with Pluto on Sunday, electrifying your ambition. Resist lower-minded impulses to allow insecurity to guide your choices. When confronted with fear, dig deeper to investigate ways to reposition yourself in power. What can you do to build confidence organically? Fill your cup before extending yourself to others prematurely. You are eager to rebuild strong and fruitful new foundations in places of your life that once felt unhealthy. Allow these instincts to redirect you away from draining influences and instead toward peace and productivity. 

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Answer the call with your full attention when it becomes clear that your home, family, or emotional foundation require focused TLC. You may be surprised at just how energizing a bit of intentional down time can be. Reach out to resolve conflicts with your chosen family or to offer one another valued support. Seek an evolved rhythm of balance between rest and productivity. In times of uncertainty, restore your confidence by showing up persistently for your vision. 

Taurus: Your interactions spark revelations that inspire a game-changing shift in your attitude. New understandings about your context within community position you to craft effective messages that have wide-reaching impact. Take time gathering your thoughts and all necessary information before speaking prematurely. Embrace instincts to ask questions, reach out to have important conversations, or to purposefully extend yourself in new ways.

Gemini: New information complicates your old expectations about resources and partnerships, demanding that you now make some intentional changes. Resist impulses to react prematurely to financial concerns before thoroughly considering your options. Revelations about your values now guide you toward fruitful possibilities to invite resonant abundance into your life. Take initiative to pursue the security and access you crave with integrity. 

Cancer: Realizations of self inspire you to be proactive about bringing a healthier balance to your relationships. Trust instincts to make expansive shifts in your relationship to self as well as in your outward connections. Confidently communicate desired boundaries and goals as they evolve. Start with how you speak to yourself. Commit to building upon self-trust with persistence and integrity. Offer yourself grace in adjusting to entirely new patterns of behavior. 

Leo: Prioritize healing and release in the midst of illuminating realizations. Pay attention to when your body calls you to rest. Consider ways to invest in sustainable peace in your life, and then be assertive about making it happen. Honor your instinct to reschedule deadlines when called to instead tend to your mental or physical health. You will be able to offer your best efforts when you have had time to replenish your energy. 

Virgo:  Realizations involving your friendships, teams, and community awaken an urgency for you to transform your communication patterns for the better. New understandings make it impossible to ignore pressing topics that challenge you to open up or commit. Trust your instincts to invite a new level of honesty into relationships that encourage your confidence. You discover electrifying joy in expressing yourself authentically, and are excited to experiment with new forms of release. 

Libra: Stay proactive about following through on commitments in the midst of your priorities evolving. Deliver on pending responsibilities before venturing out or overextending. You can position yourself to truly give your vision a fighting chance by first investing in establishing credibility and authenticity. Stay present in your evolved perspective when called to take assertive action to resolve conflicts involving your career or public image.

Scorpio: A wide variety of options to learn, travel, or expand your perspective awakens an inescapable wanderlust within you. Resist impulses to make lasting commitments based on insecurity. Instead, take your time researching options and plotting a thoughtful path ahead. Remain open to transformative possibilities that might invite unexpectedly wide-reaching changes into your life. A bit of patience may reveal that this could be exactly the kind of energy evolution you crave.

Sagittarius: A rush of positive self-esteem motivates you to protect & build upon resources and natural talents. It becomes unavoidably clear that it’s time for healthy changes in your relationship to money. The places you’re headed demand that you plan ahead for success and do some homework about how to maximize your impact. Trust instincts to work toward further financial independence or to invite freeing new boundaries into business and sexual relationships. 

Capricorn: You are challenged to establish a harmonious balance in a relationship that still allows you the resources to pursue your dreams and fully tend to your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to communicate new boundaries that position you to effectively take care of yourself. With patience, you can discover productive new ways to champion your collective vision. Roll with instincts to update your personal style and path when inspired. Gravitate toward resonance and passion at every opportunity. 

Aquarius: New information awakens an urgency for you to bring more intention to your daily habits, health, and work. Make sure that your schedule offers enough time for tending to your mind and body. Offer focused attention to fulfilling lingering responsibilities and to reaching long-sought decisions around releasing outdated obligations or distractions. Create space for growth to occur, plant a seed of intention, and water your vision with persistence. 

Pisces: Roll with strong instincts to express yourself and restore a sense of play to your life. It can shake up your routine in such a way that helps you to connect game changing dots along the path to success. When walking in alignment, you naturally attract friends and collaborators who inspire your best efforts and encourage the qualities you admire most about yourself. Be proactive about bringing further authenticity to the image of yourself that you project to the world. 

Note to All Skymates: As you finally see ways that you unknowingly surrendered your agency in the past, you now feel strong impulses to course-correct in a completely new direction. Take your time choosing a path rather than jumping into something quickly out of spite or worry. Ground yourself in confidence by doing your homework and thoroughly confronting and defining your feelings.

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