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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.28 – 2.3

As January comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on the eclipse magic that’s been taking place this month, skymates. Venus and Mercury harmonize Monday before forming a semi-square Tuesday. With Mercury in progressive Aquarius and Venus still in purposeful Sagittarius, relationships gravitate toward cooperation and inclusivity. You are eager to solve problems together and talk emotions through from a place of love and patience. It can be tough to settle on conclusions now, but don’t force a half-baked solution. Utilize this week by gathering information to see a fuller picture. A comfortable emotional detachment supports your curiosity to absorb varying perspectives. This is the last full week of Venus being in Sagittarius before entering Capricorn February 3.

Saturn sextiles Neptune on Thursday, offering signs of progress and good faith toward your highest reaching goals. You are discovering new meaning in your hard work, and it is encouraging you to continue forward with a reinforced sense of purpose and fine-tuned self awareness. A little luck may come your way in areas of your life where you have shown persistent loyalty and dedication. If you are not feeling spiritually aligned with your work, there are opportunities to bring more meaning to your career now.

When Mars squares Pluto on Friday, egos can become restless. Do not hesitate to hit pause and remove yourself from a sticky situation rather than overreact prematurely in the moment. The intensity behind your emotional reaction is more about your long-term passions than a petty ego dispute. Channel your fire toward fueling your forward movement and building your case rather than burning others – and possibly yourself along with them.

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Aries : Seeing or experiencing an act of injustice sparks a fire within that’s tough to tame. While there may be some immediate way to make a big splash to make a point, consider your longer-term goals seriously. It’s likely there is new information coming to light in this conflict that can equip you with a secret weapon or essential language to get what you actually want.

Taurus : Your dreams and insecurities are at odds, and you get to control which you feed. When the opportunity arises to bet on what you love vs your fears, walk with confidence toward what inspires you. External influences may tempt you to opt out of a challenge in favor of a seemingly cozy cake walk. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Honor the process, knowing that your experiences along the way are what will build your confidence.

Gemini : You may experience conflicts of expectation in love, sex, and partnership this week, so try to be as clear and thorough as possible when explaining what you want and what your limits are. You’ll become aware of times in the past when you relied on assumptions, and can figure out stronger ways of communicating what you need. It’s freeing to have new language to seek and build upon uplifting pleasures.

Cancer : Friction between personal leanings and professional affiliations challenge you to maintain a balancing act this week. It’s important to maintain healthy boundaries as you navigate decisions that can have lasting consequences at work. Read the room carefully and be deliberate and tactful about navigating complex social dynamics. Not everyone deserves to hear your unfiltered opinion or your future plans.

Leo : You’re becoming aware of an imbalance of efforts, and are eager to move toward a more productive equality. Whether you’ve been a bit selfish, or have overextended yourself, pay attention to your instinct to level the scale. If you have put up with things that don’t feel good in the past, consider why that might be. Make room to define what you need, even if it means threatening an existing rhythm of normalcy.

Virgo : Fiery passionate feelings are unavoidable to you this week, whether sexual or emotional. Try not to let them distract you completely from listening to others and truly considering their experience. Speak up about how you’re feeling and what you want, while staying committed to listening actively to the other side. Remaining present while communicating can help you to bypass unnecessary clashes of ego.

Libra : Intense emotions emerge, likely after building over a long time. Epiphanies around your patterns with loved ones awaken a burning need to blurt out true feelings or seek answers. Consider with yourself what your specific goals are before going into emotionally sensitive conversations. Instead of worrying about being right, pour your focus into establishing a sense of understanding and commitment to progress.

Scorpio : Pay attention to what your anger is telling you this week, but don’t let it take control of the wheel. You’re likely right about your allegiances, but it’s likely there’s a more powerful response than lashing out in the moment. When in doubt, practice patience and do some research to fill in any blanks you’re unsure of. You can be incredibly productive by redirecting energy toward engaging tangibly with what you love.

Sagittarius : You’re especially in touch with what you genuinely love and care about, and it feels like a homecoming of the spirit. New awareness and context for past obstacles now remind you who you truly are, and help you to release misplaced guilt or shame. Celebrate all of your identity. Follow the instinct to gravitate toward relationships and situations that feel spiritually enriching.

Capricorn : You can make significant strides forward beyond lingering conflict in your relationships with friends, roommates, or romantic partners. Egos may clash initially, but with patience and honestly you may realize you want more of the same things than you initially thought. Clarify the expectations and limits of everyone involved. Remember that you don’t need a reason to justify wanting to fly solo or take some temporary me time.

Aquarius : Passionate emotions are developing within, and it’s important that you identify and explore them. Ignoring what you’re going through will only escalate conflict or confusion. Later in the week, you may feel tempted to overshare in a damaging context or lash out in the wrong direction. Instead, get ahead of the fire by approaching yourself with love and acceptance first. Follow the instinct to lay low and reflect when it feels right.

Pisces : Negative feelings involving your friendships later in the week open your eyes to unhealthy social patterns you’ve outgrown. What matters to you in relationships has evolved, and you are feeling the friction between an old and new normal in your life. Lead with love, even if that means lovingly deciding to distance yourself from something or someone for now. Follow the instinct to move toward a more mature and peaceful rhythm.

Note To All Skymates: If you find yourself feeling defensive or angry, consider what these feelings say about what you need. Likely, they remind you of qualities you hope to distance yourself from. What is it you want to move more actively toward? Consider building upon what you love rather than focusing on tearing down what frustrates you.

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