Live free, Skymates! Transformative effects of last Friday’s New Moon in Aquarius continue to attract you to reinvention throughout this week. You feel especially rebellious and are committed to your individuality. Roadblocks fall away as you step forward confidently in your power. You naturally attract relationships & collaborations that allow you to shine in your authenticity. Trust yourself to take purposeful risks in alignment with your values. Seek like-minded souls who reciprocate your energy and inspire you to strive for your best. 

Make space for your imagination to run wild in this last full week of both Mercury in Aquarius & Venus in Pisces. Embrace your instinct to tune out old training in ways that free you up for innovation and organic moments of passion. Ground yourself in the wisdom you’ve earned in the present moment. Roll with instincts to explore unusual possibilities for collaboration and expression. Indulge curiosities as they emerge. 

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: You are stepping into an expansive new era of connection. New understandings of self have completely transformed how you relate to and work with others. Remain present in the process of establishing fruitful new connections based in truth. Let your curiosity guide you rather than your fear. You can make strides toward healing that open doors to shared joy in areas of your life that once felt draining. Trust your instinct to start a new pattern of healthy collaboration. 

Taurus: Fresh starts in your career challenge you to maintain a productive balance in your partnerships. You are also applying more assertive intention in romantic or sexual bonds. Do what you need to reinforce your confidence in what you bring to the table so that you can arrive to your connections with a peaceful focus on the present. Trust instincts to try something new that switches up your usual style and positions you to achieve your unique goals. 

Gemini: Your partnerships are opening your eyes to the possibility around you in ways that position you to intentionally rethink your path. There is so much to see, learn, and experience, and you’re eager to cover some purposeful ground. As your ambitions evolve, so do your moral beliefs and priorities. Trust instincts to grow in this resonant new direction. Give voice to all of your needs and desires in your partnerships. 

Cancer: Step confidently into this new era of freedom, transparency, and productivity in your partnerships. The truth strengthens bonds, revealing shared passions and goals. Embrace instincts to open up or to play a supportive role for a partner. Consider your energy exchanges. Be honest when you know it’s time to restore balance. Tend to your boundaries with love, knowing they will position you to be more intentionally generous. 

Leo: Roll with instincts to offer focus toward maximizing your pleasure. You deserve to feel good and are tuning into ways to make that happen for yourself in unusual ways. First you need to be specific about what you want. Once you’re sure, be direct with partners and lovers. Trust yourself to be realer than you have in the past. It may surprise you to discover organic ways to support a partner while getting everything you need in return.

Virgo: Roll with instincts to bring active intention to your daily habits, work, and physical health. Tend to your personal rhythm with love & commitment to your purpose. Check in with your home and make necessary changes that best support your present-day needs. Bringing your actions into alignment positions you to approach relationships with a full cup. With your needs fulfilled, you are prepared to be generous and present in your love and creative partnerships.

Libra: Inspiration takes you on a creative adventure. Trust your instincts to express yourself in unusual ways. Do what you can to invite a spirit of play into your creative process. As you walk in alignment, you can find yourself among teammates with a resonant shared sense of purpose. Invite transparency into your teams and partnerships, knowing that a shared understanding of that facts can only empower you.

Scorpio: Invite transformative change in your home and family that create space for your full authentic self to feel supported and valued. It’s empowering to be so certain of your personal values, and you are excited to bring your daily routines into further alignment with these priorities. Trust yourself to experiment with new habits. When in doubt, allow your curiosity to guide you. Be honest with loved ones about what you need and remain open to their needs as well. 

Sagittarius: Curiosity pulls you in many directions, attracting you to resonant collaborations and friendships. A reinforced certainty in your purpose equips you with a natural confidence as you explore new territory. Trust your instincts to experiment with how you express yourself. You can relate to a wide range of people through your authentic voice. A spark of passion guides you to take on a new practice or area of study that supports your ambitions.

Capricorn: In the process of turning inward to focus on rest & healing, you have arrived at a moment of clarity involving your resources, money, and values. Take this opportunity to make foundational shifts that bring your daily habits into further alignment with your purpose. Resist impulses to surrender your agency to others in moments of uncertainty. Now is the time to create space for an emerging era of freedom and individuality in your life. 

Aquarius: You are in the process of establishing a new normal in your life built around prioritizing your authentic voice. A spark of passion reinforces your clarity in your values, inspiring you to invest your time & resources mindfully. Build upon your natural talents and inform your voice so that you can show more of your truth to the world. Experiment with how you communicate and present yourself. Trust instincts to show rather than tell as you defy expectations. 

Pisces:  As your anticipation builds toward fresh starts on the horizon, remain grounded in the present moment. Take initiative to tie up loose ends that need not be stretched beyond this point. Intentional moves made now behind the scenes can set you up for success in the long-run, but don’t let your ego be your motivation. With integrity as your central goal, you are sure to organically make an authentic impression. 

Note to All Skymates: Consider what your specific goals are for connecting with others. Be completely honest with yourself without judgement. Once you know what you want, think about how to actively seek the kinds of connections you crave that are not yet a part of your life. Someone out there is sure to want or need exactly what you bring to the table.