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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.21 – 1.27

Early Monday morning a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo illuminates potentially uncomfortable truths and desires within ourselves, and we’ll be feeling the effects of this eclipse all month long (and for the first half of 2019). Feelings of celebration and completion are at odds with undeniable realities that you must tend to. Aquarius season began on Sunday, bringing awareness to your social life and relationships to communities. This week’s eclipse makes it clear to you where these relationships are out of balance. It can feel disorienting to face a more full truth, but it is equipping you with necessary tools to create and protect the joyful and productive balance you desire.

Mercury enters Aquarius on Thursday, awakening collective cravings to connect and innovate. You can jump start a surprising level of progress this week just by speaking up when it matters and reacting authentically to moments of conflict. Mercury in Aquarius offers a comfortable emotional detachment to social interactions that can help you stay focused on the facts at hand rather than emotions. This is a powerful time to make proactive moves at work and to market your abilities.

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Aries : Aspirations that have been developing over the last two years to create, play, and stand in the spotlight reach a turning point for you this week. You are ready to express yourself after much anticipation. Lean into your excitement. Release creative works and share what matters to you. You will be surprised at what you attract when willing to take purposeful risks.

Taurus : Dilemmas involving family and home that have been in motion for the last 2 years reach a freeing turning point this week. Tangible resolution is within reach and will require you to take action to claim it. Know that there is no need to silence your true needs to satisfy cohabitors or loved ones. Offer active focus to figuring out what changes need to happen for everyone to feel supported and confident at home.

Gemini : Developing understandings of your relationships to friends, coworkers, and your community come to play in the real world. Over the last two years you have learned tough lessons that guided you to a more holistic understanding of your context in the world. Opportunities arise now to utilize these lessons. Give voice to your unique perspective on a grander scale. Reach out to pitch your ideas or work toward a productive compromise.

Cancer : Goals that have been developing over the last 2 years involving money, security, and personal values reach a turning point this week. You are made aware of areas in your life where your actions can better support your personal wealth (both spiritual and material). Get clear on financial goals and make a tangible game-plan for how to make it happen. Do not be shy about marketing yourself or sharing productive ideas with collaborators.

Leo : Celebrate your progress this week! Monday’s Eclipse reminds you of personal wins you may have overlooked or under appreciated in the recent past. You are completing an era of profound self-discovery over the last 2 years. How does it feel to be you at exactly this moment? Express yourself confidently and authentically. Over the next couple of weeks, offer your energy to completing and sharing a passion project.

Virgo : Healing and dreams consume your focus this week. Emotional and spiritual revelations reached over the last couple of years now come to practice in the real world. This is a turning point in which you are challenged to stay actively mindful with every decision. Bring your present-day wisdom to the table and trust yourself to prioritize actively. Make room for yourself to dream, play and create.

Libra : A project or team effort you’ve been working on over the last two years reaches a turning point this week. Be sure to show appreciation for everyone involved in the process. Whether continuing forward with past collaborators, or assembling your dream-team, be sure to celebrate and what makes each individual unique. If you find that you are craving more perspectives, do not hesitate to seek them out.

Scorpio : This week is a transformative turning point for your career. Passion projects that have consumed your focus over the last two years are reaching completion, and you are bringing active mindfulness to the process. You may feel vulnerable when first identifying past weak spots in your approach, but in reality you are becoming much stronger as your self-awareness expands. Put new discoveries in motion when interacting professionally.

Sagittarius : Plans developing in the background over the last two years to express yourself and explore the world are taking more tangible form now. You are ready to take a leap of faith supported by thorough research and planning. You may not have every answer now, but trust that you will be able to think on your feet. Venus and Jupiter parallel in your sign this week offer good luck and joy in unexpected places, so be ready to show up for yourself when opportunity knocks.

Capricorn : Matters of money, sex, and bonding that have been developing over the last two years culminate this week, sparking transformative action. You are joyful in your discoveries of self and proud of what you bring to the table. You will be surprised at how much positivity and growth you attract by celebrating out loud. Speak up about what matters to you. Others who feel the same are sure to gravitate toward your light.

Aquarius : Movement forward in partnerships and romantic relationships that have been progressing for the past two years reach a turning point this week. It is essential that you are clear on your personal goals and boundaries for connection, and that you communicate them to partners. This is the dawning of a new era of effective collaboration for you, and it will require deliberate choices along the way to establish a new rhythm.

Pisces : You are brought face to face with the reality that you need to love yourself more proactively in certain areas of your life. Listen to this instinct and honor it. The Eclipse in your health sector on Monday showed you ways that you may have intentionally self-sabotaged in the past. Know that you are capable of making transformative changes. It starts with paying loving attention to your needs and your impact.

Note To All Skymates: The discomfort of learning a more full truth pales in comparison to the potential misfortune of totally missing out on essential information. Trust that you are wholly yourself in all scenarios and act accordingly. Build upon your integrity in action with each decision.

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