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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.14 – 1.20

Get ready for a major transition this week, skymates! Mercury in Capricorn forms a sensual sextile with Neptune in Pisces on Monday, awakening sensitivity to exchanges of energy. You are receptive to subtle nuances in interactions and can pick up on specifics that might normally go over your head. Inspiration is heightened and active, leading you to express yourself unconventionally. An unexpected focus consumes your attention, demanding further exploration. This is a powerful transit for negotiation, learning, or seeking common ground in relationships.

Later in the week, Venus in Sagittarius forms a harmonious trine with Mars in Aries. Everyone’s a little more susceptible to attraction and candid about their affections. You could attract an exciting love connection or discover new mutual pleasures in a relationship. This is also a strong time to collaborate on a brainchild and take things to the next level in a creative or professional partnership.

On Friday, the Capricorn Sun squares off with Uranus, Planet of Rebellion. Unexpected circumstances challenge you remain grounded in your true goals. A productive attitude can make a world of difference now. Your first instinct to blindsiding news might be frustration, but try to stay actively focused on the facts and what is within your control. Giving too much energy to inconveniences can lead you to miss out on surprising solutions within reach. Plan ahead when you can and leave some wiggle room just in case. Seek healthy outlets for intense emotions like creative expression and physical activity.

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Aries: Take your career to the next level in this last week of Capricorn season. After some time of planning and speculation, act on instincts to build. Send your resume to your dream job, release and promote your work, or reach out to potential collaborators. Some healthy competition inspires you to push harder. This weekend, a little adventure in love and romance goes a long way. Stay honest with yourself and others about what feels best along the journey.

Taurus: In this last week of Capricorn season, keep your mind open to the possibilities yet unknown. Sticking to an overly rigid script will limit your perspective in ways you can’t possibly foresee, so stay aware of your surroundings and context. Alternate perspectives enter your orbit that inspire game-changing shifts in your approach. When Mars and Venus form a harmonious trine later in the week, gravitate toward active healing in sex and intimacy.

Gemini: A cozy and private beginning of the week blossoms into a bustling social life this weekend. Capricorn season has brought focus to your closest relationships, first of all your relationship to yourself. Fill your energetic cup first, with love. Lean into your cravings to recharge your batteries and to strengthen your foundation with partners. Check in with a loved one to make sure you’re on the same page. This weekend, budding friendships and love connections spark your inspiration and motivation.

Cancer: Attention to detail goes a long way this week, especially in your romantic and business partnerships. This last week of Capricorn season is the perfect time to check in to make sure your priorities, expectations, and limits are aligned. You could also attract a new partnership that compliments underutilized personal strengths. Build upon your most resonant common ground. As the week progresses, gravitate toward connections that make you feel strong and valued.

Leo: You’re focused on organization and maximizing your productivity in this last week of Capricorn season. Make active changes that best support your strengths. Trust yourself with new levels of responsibility and hold yourself accountable to follow through. This weekend, Venus in your romance sector forms a lighthearted trine to Mars in Aries. Follow the instinct to implement some adventure in your love life. Speak with confidence about what you want.

Virgo: You’re the center of attention this week and it fits you like a glove. Stand in the light with confidence. Don’t be shy about promoting your work and your abilities. Just stay mindful that you’re speaking strong in your authentic voice. Sometimes that may mean knowing when to be silent. An enriching kind of love that makes you feel safe and relaxed sparks your attention this weekend. Veg out with your lover and show appreciation where it’s due.

Libra: Offer attention to your home and family in this last week of Capricorn season. You can create a more balanced harmony with loved ones if you’re willing to be honest with yourself and others. Consider collective goals and commit to action. You could decide to relocate or make a big physical change to your home. Joyful and exciting friendships enter your orbit this weekend, pulling your focus to your social life. Reconnect with your day-ones and position yourself to meet new friends.

Scorpio: This last week of Capricorn season attracts inspiring and captivating new connections to your life from unexpected places. You could find yourself bonding in a deeper way with someone you regularly encounter as an acquaintance. Later in the week, you’re adamant to bring productive structure to relationships. Consider the realities of all parties involved, and take action to bring more active mutual support to your connection. You can find clarity around issues of scheduling, budgets, and boundaries.

Sagittarius: This last week of Capricorn season has you actively focused on increasing your income and implementing discipline toward career goals. Be selective about where you spend your money, time, and energy. Consider areas where you can delegate or share responsibilities with others to maximize productivity. By the weekend, you’re ready to shine in the spotlight. Release creative works, take the stage, and don’t be shy about promoting what matters to you.

Capricorn: Try not to hold so tightly to your routine in this last week of Capricorn season. Insights from friends, from peers, or from thought leaders you admire will inspire you to veer of your usual course of action. Follow this impulse, within reason. New methods or attitudes that you encounter along your adventures are game-changers. Later in the week, there is incredible potential for reaching collective healing and understanding with family or co-habitors.

Aquarius: Give yourself permission to release resentments and replace them with active new choices toward growth. Leaving behind what drains you will open your eyes to surprising abundance within reach. You’ll realize that you’ve been giving value to things that do not ultimately nourish you. Forgive yourself for past choices and vow not to waste another minute. Your friends and community remind you of your priorities and joy this week.

Pisces: Leadership roles challenge you to make decisions for the group and keep everyone focused on the task at hand. Reconnect with your common purpose, staying mindful that you aren’t steamrolling others. Tending to your mission statement or message through technology can do wonders for your reputation this week. By the weekend, you’re seeing long-term potential in a love connection. Plan for what’s to come together, knowing that your unique relationship is what you make of it.

Note To All Skymates: Try not to be so locked into your schedule that you miss out on opportunities to attract abundance and joy off the beaten path. Honor and acknowledge your intuition when it pulls you toward something exciting. Consult your logic, of course, but do not silence your imagination before it even gets to speak. Stay aware of when you are going through the motions and choose to be more present instead.

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