Explore new avenues of pleasure & creativity, Skymates! Venus enters Pisces on Monday, opening your heart to compassion. You are tuned into a complex spectrum of possibility for love, and may feel more willing to entertain unusual forms of connection. You discover beautiful potential for mutual joy in situations you you once dismissed in the past. Resist impulses to place unbalanced responsibility for your happiness on a partner. If you find yourself feeling resentful, pull back to consider how to adjust your exchange to be more in alignment with your needs. 

Your curiosity to soak up new and different ideas awakens as Mercury enters Aquarius on Thursday. An intriguing thread of information captures your attention, interrupting your normal patterns of thought. Allow yourself to get carried away by curiosity. Your discoveries along the way present options for solving problems and figuring out resonant next steps. Document striking details and synchronicities as they arise. Utilize this last full week of Capricorn season by leaning into your instincts to innovate. 

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: In the midst of exciting and challenging developments in your career, be proactive about making time for rest & replenishment. Indulge curiosities about different forms of self care. Put intention into strengthening your spiritual foundation now in preparation for a demanding path ahead. Once you’ve tended to your needs, reach out to trusted community to catch up and support one another.

Taurus: You are excited to navigate professional & social worlds equipped with newly developed knowledge of your identity and purp0se. This new awareness reinforces your confidence and empowers you to communicate more efficiently in pursuit of your true priorities. It’s a strong time for you to market yourself or reach out to potential collaborators. Resist impulses to speak too soon on topics you may not yet have all the facts about. 

Gemini: You are overcome with renewed passion in your work, and are eager to aim high toward new heights of achievement. There is no need to wait for a co-sign to start working toward your unique definition of success. Consider what kinds of adventures might inform & nourish your most ambitious career goals. Call up your partner in crime and get a game-plan together that utilizes your strengths as a team.

Cancer: Pursue pressing cravings for adventure with someone you trust. New forms of sharing can lead to a breakthrough with a lover or partner. Reveal your dreams and unspoken desires. Some healthy experimentation guides you toward striking a mutually empowering rhythm of freeing connection. Make consistent communication a priority. Allow yourself to indulge in passion when the moment strikes. 

Leo: Energies of last week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse continue to ripple through your week, illuminating pathways toward replenishment & healing. Trust instincts to simplify or start over. Allow your evolved priorities to touch your life at your foundation first and then work outward. Check in with you, and then reach out to someone special. Share some down time with a lover or bond with a new collaborator over a passion project. 

Virgo:  It comes naturally for you to speak with confidence and address conflicts head-on, particularly in partnerships. Remain open to new forms of vulnerability or collaboration. Trust instincts to try something outside your normal comfort zone as you figure out what’s best for you. Keep joy a top priority over appearance or recognition. Tend to your relationship to self before overextending. It’s never too late to recenter. 

Libra: Roll with instincts to show affection and gratitude where it’s due. New certainty in your priorities motivates you to invest time and resources in helping a loved one or nurturing a bond with someone special. You are in the process of rebuilding your foundation in a nourishing new direction. If feeling unsure, creativity or a shared adventure can help you identify and communicate complex emotions. 

Scorpio: Fresh perspectives allow you to see your patterns with family through an clarifying new lens. You discover moments when your words, thoughts, and actions are out of alignment, and have distorted your intentions in the past. Trust instincts to make changes in your daily routines & communication habits that ring true to your higher mind priorities. Indulging in play and creativity can help you answer essential questions. 

Sagittarius: Your confidence builds to address problem areas along the path toward your most resonant personal goals. Boldly confront conflicts with certainty in your purpose and a willingness to adapt. With patience, you will discover fruitful possibilities before you. Get creative with your resources. In the process, you can discover healthy ways to distance yourself from distraction, saving time for your passions and goals.

Capricorn: Prioritize your peace & healing. Take the opportunity to tend to your needs behind the scenes over the next month so that when Mars enters your sign on February 20, you’re ready to extend outward with confidence. Investigate how to best champion your priorities. Consider out of the box ways to maximize the impact of your resources. Bring fresh intention to your daily routines and communication habits.

Aquarius: Trust instincts to actively prioritize time for love and sensuality in your daily routines. Consider whether you are truly utilizing the full spectrum of your resources in support of what and who you love most. Indulge in social exploration when the moment strikes. Your relationships enlighten you to your own patterns, positioning you to make necessary shifts that empower you to speak and act more intentionally. 

Pisces:  A personal epiphany reinforces your sense of self. Others are attracted to your passion & confidence. A sense of earned pride overcomes you, inspiring you to celebrate your progress and indulge in your favorite pleasures. Once you’ve had your fill of fun, dive back into resonant passion projects or career goals. Focus on keeping your foundation strong and showcasing what makes your unique touch stand out in a crowd.

Note to All Skymates: As you are more intentional about your pleasure, it becomes easier to identify and avoid sources of pain. Name destructive patterns for what they are, and then do what you need to pivot your attention toward more nourishing focuses. Know that forgiveness does not require reconciliation or continued contact.