Here’s to new beginnings Skymates! Virgo, this weekend we have the first New Moon of the astrological year, in the zodiac’s initiator sign; Aries. If there were ever a time to take action… this would be it. The potent energy of the ram reminds us to take charge of our lives and to always, always lead with courage. This is a strong cycle where we’ll be naturally re-evaluating our relationship to ourselves. It’s a time particularly ripe with opportunities of change. Virgo, this is the time to move into creating your true desires. You have plenty of ideas, now you must refine them into tangible first steps. Trust into your abilities, skills and talents. Trust into the universe and its loving ability to support your every wish. You can do this. It’s a time to quieten down any inner voices of self-doubt. The manifestation energies around the New Moon will support any seeds you plant.