We have a massive few days Skymates! This weekend is the Gemini Full Moon, illuminating nodal themes we’ve been collectively working with since 2019. We’ve been exploring diversity: recognizing that as humans, we’re not all meant to be the same (or even agreeable). We perceive and grow in unique ways – because Nature is diverse. On Sunday, Venus begins its retrograde through Capricorn, while Chiron stations direct in Aries. Here, Chiron reflects the warrior’s initiation; healing our individuality, the courage to voice our needs, and our right to Freedom. Lovely Virgo, for you there may be a focus on deconditioning yourself from societal rigidity, structures and concepts of ‘success.’ As these energies are illuminating your sectors of self-expression and transformation, it may be a time where you’re questioning the validity of authoritative forces, and how they relate to your own inner power. Tip: deconditioning yourself from redundant societal systems is a way to become truly free, regardless of what’s unfolding around you.