Virgo, take a moment to pause and acknowledge yourself. We’re about to collectively experience a powerful Sagittarius New Moon. On the very same day, its ruler (Jupiter) shifts direct. This auspicious portal will have us all dreaming again; widening our visions of life’s infinite possibilities. Virgo for you this energy activates your sector of emotional safety and self-intimacy. With the turbulence of eclipse season starting to ease, and the bright glow of Sagittarian energy lighting up the cosmos again – life might start feeling a little more full of potential. You’re doing wonderfully, and it’s worth reminding yourself of that! This Moon will be perfect for a long exhale, and to reflect on how much you’ve grown. A tension between Mars retrograde and Neptune is a reminder that you’re not meant to have it all figured out… and life will never be ‘perfect.’ This Sag moon instead asks you to find comfort in the adventure, and your connection to self.