Virgo, the next few days see one retrograde wrap up, and another one begin! First, we have Mercury ending its retrograde in Taurus. You might notice some themes in your life coming full circle, and as this illuminates your sector of adventure and travel – you might just receive some inspiration in this sphere! On June 4th, Saturn goes on to start its retrograde through the rebellious sign of Aquarius (until mid-October). Aquarius rules progression and a sense of breaking the status quo. Collectively, this will be a time of innovation. We might see some cool scientific breakthroughs. On a personal level, you may notice this retrograde catalyzing readjustment to your daily routines, health and habits. It’ll be a good time to closely (with an open mind) observe what adds and detracts to your life on a micro level Virgo. Experimentation will be rewarded here, as you move towards what works best for you.