Virgo, don’t be scared of rethinking everything. Beliefs are meant to shift and expand. Sometimes, to grow you’re meant to move beyond the things that once made total sense to you. And if things just seem dark in this regard, be with that lack of clarity. It’s ok not to know your way forward. Try new things with no end result. Read about new philosophies without the need to believe or not. Let yourself laugh at what once was so important to you. Walk the path of the fool and venture out into new and unknown beginnings and potentials. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus happens at 4:28 pm EST on Saturday, and it falls in your area of travel, higher education, spirituality and philosophy. In your experience, how do all of these things connect with one another? And how are you currently in relationship with them? It’s time to tap into the inner space from where you can claim these areas of your life, so the circumstances don’t overpower you.