The Moon hangs out in Gemini on Wednesday and Thursday, activating the need to express our emotions and inner world. On Wednesday, Mercury, the ruler of communication and exchange, enters the empathic sign of Pisces, showering our thoughts, ideas, communications and interactions with the right kind of love that the world is in need of. Virgo, with Mercury in your area of one-on-one relationships, these next 18 days will be a great time to talk to your lover, your partner, your associate, your bestie, even your inner lover, about your truth within the relationship. It may hurt, it may uplift, it may heal, it may bring vulnerability, all of this, good or bad, is scary, but it is so powerful. It’s also a great time to write poetry, words will come to you from a deeper level. So if you feel invited to write, don’t hold back the urge.