Virgo, the month begins with the New Moon in Pisces receiving hopeful and expansive blessings from Jupiter. Bring your awareness to how you show up in relationship. You’re being blessed with so much love. I want you to be open to receive and enjoy it at your own pace. On the 6th, when Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, you’ll feel great, like you have all of the energy you need to get your life in order. Clean out your closet, your virtual clutter, and the relationships that aren’t working. Make time to rest, so you don’t burn yourself out. Mercury enters Pisces in your area of partnerships on the 9th, if there are pending conversations with your lover, bestie or associates, this is a great time to have them. On the 18th, we have the Full Moon in your sign. What is your body desiring? This is a time of purification. Center the practices that help you feel renewed. On the 20th, the spring equinox brings the Aries Season and the beginning of the zodiacal year. Then Mercury enters Aries as well on the 27th. This will be a time to do all of the things that keep your mental health in check.