Key themes: your body’s wisdom, traditions that anchor you, rest and recoup, creative self-expression, the power available in play, reclaiming your place in the world, how you show up for your loved ones, mutual emotional accountability

Dear Virgo, we kick off the month of June with the planet of abundance and expansion joining forces with the point in space that guides us toward what they call destiny. You know that stability and connection to the body and its needs is what lights up your inner wisdom and leads you toward a life with more meaning. It’s a great time to recommit to acting upon this knowledge.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is happening on the 3rd at 11:42 pm EST in your area of home, family and ancestry. Take this time to celebrate the practices and traditions that anchor you. A light is being cast on the healing that has happened within your home and your family during the last 6 months. What parts of your past have you been able to cultivate a different relationship with? What spaces of relaxation and nurture have you been creating for yourself? You deserve to have spaces where you can let go and feel at ease.

On the 5th Venus moves out of the nurturing sign of Cancer and into passionate Leo, occupying the most private sector of your chart for the next four months. You may find more pleasure in dealing with spiritual matters and communing with your ancestors during this time. It’ll be easier for you to let go of things, especially when it comes to love and connection. Endings may happen, or you may have the need to keep things secret.

Pluto moves back into Capricorn for the last time in our lifetime on the 11th, here we’ll have a chance to collectively go into a deeper review of the structures that have been proving to no longer work but that we insist on trying to maintain. This may show up more personally in your life within your creative spaces, and in the ways you allow yourself to play, let go and do things just for the fun of it without a fixed goal in mind.

Also on the 11th, Mercury enters the sign of Gemini where it feels most at ease, this happens in your area of career and long-term goals. This will be a great time to refine your curriculum, your statement, and even your life plans. What stories concerning your place in the world and your professional and vocational potential are in need of questioning or being reclaimed?

Saturn will go retrograde in the sign of Pisces for the next five months on the 17th in your area of partnership. This transit that began in March has been facing you with the need for commitment within your most profound connections. This is a time to review how you are showing up for them, and how they’re showing up for you. The bonds you forge with others during the next couple of years are bound to take on new gravity. Going along on automatic is no longer enough.

On the 18th, the New Moon in Gemini becomes exact at 12:37 am EST, inviting you to take a look at how your life purpose is unfolding, and to reflect on what you’re being encouraged to begin, learn, or announce to the world. Take your attention to the connections you’re building within your professional life. Make sure you’re strengthening the bonds with the ones that celebrate your wins, and encourage you to deepen your commitment to the things that truly matter. It’s a good time to remember the reasons why you wanted to do this work in the first place. Look back to the desires that brought you here.

Cancer Season comes rolling in on the 21st when the Sun enters its nurturing sign, followed by Mercury entering Cancer as well on the 26th, shining a light on your need to nurture your sense of social belonging. You don’t want to be in spaces just so you don’t feel alone, you want to be a part of communities where there’s mutual care and emotional accountability. Make time for the friendships that are in need of a check in or a bit more time and dedication.

The month comes to an end with the beginning of Neptune’s annual five month retrograde period in your area of one-on-one relationships. Identify the dynamics that eat away at your boundaries. Where within your intimate relationships are you in need of an anchor that can help you come back to shore after you’ve inevitably gone too far out to sea?