The Moon’s shift into Aquarius today encourages us to think outside of the box and find innovative ways to communicate our ideas, especially since the Sun is still in Gemini. This isn’t the time to try to control how things are going in our lives, but rather let the winds of change guide us in both gentle and abrupt ways. Virgo, you’re always thinking of how you can give back to others. My Moon is in Virgo, for example, and I thought “Oh shit, I should have posted this Virgo Scope at 11:59pm EST last night instead of this morning.” But shawty, if you think similarly and often put others’ needs first before your own, sit your butt down. Breathe. You are the source of your existence, so nourish yourself. If you want to rest, rest. If you want to take a break, take a break. And if you want others to take care of you, let that be known. Today’s Aquarius Moon will feel like a gentle embrace reminding you that you don’t have to keep doing, doing, doing. You’ve always been whole.