Virgo, today we’re pulled by the Dark of the Moon period: the last three days of the Lunar cycle where we see a disappearing, waning moon. This is a time where the night sky is absent of the Moon’s illumination, creating the space for our New Moon in Aries tomorrow. Our world is one of rhythms, and the lunar cycle is no exception. We see creation with the new moon, and death within the three moonless nights of the Dark of the Moon. Don’t worry though… this ‘dark’ phase of the cycle is not one to be feared. It’s a time of going inward, and facing the shadows we all carry. It’s a time of mystery, wisdom, and healing power. For you Virgo, this is a wonderful time to tune into your inner world, to see what you truly desire in the external world. From this place of gentle clarity, it’s time to start planning accordingly for the upcoming new astrological lunar year.