Happy Pisces Season Skymates! Virgo, this beautiful season softens the cosmic energy of the collective, and places the spotlight on your social realm. Here, we’re each reminded of our spiritual, more introverted selves – and invited to connect with our dreams. At this time, our emotions and empathy tend to become enhanced. As a result, we feel closer to the Universe and all of the beings who occupy it. Virgo, your sector of relationships is lit up here. This means you’ll be receiving heightened intuitive awareness regarding the people in your life. Spending time with those who bring joy, light and happiness to your life will feel extra wonderful. But the opposite is also true. You’ll feel particularly sensitive to those who take more than they give, or feed off your energy. It will be a good time to re-evaluate (if necessary) the role of certain people in your everyday life. Are you spending the right amount of energy, on the right people?