Key themes: let go of control, re-discovery, dreams, intimacy, ambition.

Virgo, for you this month can have its deep and dark times, but it will be filled with magic as well. Make space to be with yourself. Something is brewing deep within and you’re getting ready to manifest many things. This requires silence and space. Keep a dream journal, as insights will come through the liminal.

On the 4th, Mercury will enter your sign until the 25th, where it feels at home. Try to liberate yourself from the need to be right. Perfection is in how you flow and how you uphold your values. Perfection isn’t perfect, nothing is. So let go of the outcome, and just enjoy the ride. Open up to rediscovering yourself within your exchanges and communications.

Venus then enters the deepest space of your chart on the 11th, inviting you to review and come deeper into contact with your intimacy until September 5th. How you share yourself should be a means of empowerment. You are so special, so unique. Your intimacy and vulnerability are valuable and potent gifts. Keep this in mind when you share yourself with another. And as others share their intimacy with you, also treat it as a cherished gift.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is happening on the 11th as well, at 9:36 pm EST, highlighting the progress you’ve made in your work and in your health practices. Make this time about resting and celebrating how far you’ve come. You deserve to take a break.

On the 20th, Mars leaves the manifesting energy of Taurus and enters the connecting energy of Gemini. This transit will be a long one, and one where your ambitions will be stimulated. You’ll have all of the energy you need to put your focus into your goals and professional pursuits. What would you like to accomplish or get started on from now until the end of March 2023?

Virgo Season swoops in on the 22nd, and the Sun will be shining on you during the next month. Visualize what you want from now until your next birthday. Your power of manifestation is strong when you let go of control and get out of your own way. Make those bold and sustainable changes you know you need right now.

Uranus will be going retrograde on the 24th for the next five months. Allow yourself to let go of control, Virgo. You are an adaptive sign, tap into that talent. Embrace change, and allow yourself to really be there for the ride and see where it all takes you.

On the 25th, Mercury enters Libra until October 29th, reminding you that you are the abundance. You are the resources that you’re after. They live within you already. Stop going after what’s outside of you. Pause, and tap in.

The month comes to an end with the New Moon in Virgo happening on the 27th at 4:17 am EST. This is your Moon, it’s your time. Gift yourself silence during the New Moon. Whatever intentions you wish to plant, do it a few hours after or the next day after the New Moon. This way you allow the intentions to flow from within, instead of looking for them through the mind. Honor yourself. Leave the spaces where your gifts aren’t being recognized or valued. You are magic.