Taurus, you might just receive a healthy dose of empowerment and inspiration on June 3rd, as Mercury concludes its retrograde in your sign, on the Lunar North Node. The North Node in your sign has been infusing 2022 with lessons regarding how we (as humans) are living. That is; how we’re spending our time, earning our incomes, exchanging resources and honoring our health. All of the above is being shaken up, in a positive way. Taurus, another piece of the puzzle arises when Saturn goes retrograde (until October) on June 4th. This retrograde will highlight your sector of career and finances- meaning it’s time to reflect on what you’ve been told and taught to believe. Do you feel empowered in your ability to create wealth and a meaningful career? The next few months invite you to reflect on this question; to dissolve any limiting beliefs – and soar forward in creating your dream life.