Taurus, the next few days could feel like a mini roller coaster. On Friday, you’ll be experiencing the Moon forming oppositions to Uranus and Mars, who are both in your sign. You could be feeling a little tense, or like there’s a split in your decision-making processes. The universe is giving you a reminder to make balanced choices. As a fixed earth sign, you tend to know what you want, and to go for it. But what’s equally important, is exploring other ways of approaching life. Because the moon’s in Scorpio (your opposite sign), you’re being shown the value of using your intuition as a guide, rather than simply what feels ‘practical.’ Remember, the universe works in mysterious ways, often beyond what feels like ‘common sense.’ Sunday brings lighter vibes, with your ruling planet (Venus), connecting harmoniously with the moon. This could feel like comfort, getting cozy, and relaxing into beauty. This is the space where inspiration flows.