Taurus, get social. This weekend we have a Libra Full Moon. Libra reflects our social spheres and relationships. You’ll therefore be reminded of your very natural human needs for community support and harmony in supportive relationships. This can be time to reflect on your own balance between self-reliance and interdependency, as well as how you’re relating to others. Remember: you can choose your soul family. It’s up to you to let go of toxic, draining or stagnant relationships in order to make space for new and healthier ones. If your needs for deep human interaction aren’t being met, you can use this cosmic energy as a spark to put yourself out there. For example: joining a sports team, class, or reaching out to someone new to hang out. On Sunday, Mercury in your sign harmoniously meets Venus will empower your realms of communication. You’ll be feeling more connected to yourself, and this will come through in your expression.