You’ll have a fiery start to the week as Mercury meets the Sun in the sign of expressive Leo. If you’ve been struggling to speak up, it’s now or never Taurus. Leo provides us a remedy to discomfort: becoming uncompromising on having our needs met, or meeting them ourselves. It reminds us that anything else… is a disservice to ourselves. If you haven’t been entirely truthful with yourself or others about what you require to be happy, it’s time to step up and fearlessly do so. Uranus in your sign might make it feel like your back is against the wall. You’re being asked to make changes – but that will only feel uncomfortable for as long as you resist them. With Virgo entering Mars, the theme of life-improvement is compounded. This transit encourages us to look at the details of our lives, to refine, shift and make improvements where necessary. The key is to start moving.