Remember your strength Taurus.  One of this year’s major flavors will be heightened over the next few days – with Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in your sign. This can look like more surprises, twists and turns… especially when it comes to themes like global economies, wealth, politics and so on. Collective energies might feel as though they’re boiling up – and with the moon shifting into Pisces, we’ll be feeling it. Taurus, with the North Node and Uranus in your sign, this will be a potent time. One of the key lessons of 2022 for you has been: stay adaptable. Staying in a state of flux can feel highly uncomfortable, yet that’s what you’re being invited to do. Find the gifts in this. You might be feeling more ungrounded… but notice how this also means your options are more open and diverse. Taurus, you’re strong enough to succeed and thrive here, in whichever circumstances you build for yourself.