Happy New Moon Skymates! Taurus, today shifts us from the eclipse axis (which directly involved your sign), into a new lunar cycle –  with the New Moon in Gemini. Taking place on the North Node of Uranus, this moon opens us up to a progressive and ground-breaking month. Because Gemini reflects the ‘eternal student,’ we’ll be experiencing new teachings coming through – ones which can revolutionize our whole understanding of life. For you Taurus, this lunar cycle will feel like a breath of fresh air. There’s been a lot of intensity in your experience over the last few months; you’ve been on a powerful journey of evolution. This moon invites you into a space of lightness and experimentation. This is a time where taking the path lesser known, is going to pay off. These days are ones to sow seeds for your beautiful future – maintaining an open sense of ‘relaxed focus,’ as to what exactly that future looks like.