Taurus, the next days bring you a powerful opportunity to heal. Mercury retrograde has just shifted into your sign. This means that for you, the spotlight is on your self-reflection, identity and healing journey. You might be noticing areas where there are incongruencies between your external and internal worlds. Because Mercury is connecting harmoniously with Pluto in Capricorn, you may experience the shadowy side of your career/finances/relationship to authority figures. Taurus, this may not feel comfortable, yet the healing nature of this planetary alignment reminds you that it’s only by illuminating discomfort, that you’ll be able to invite positive change into your life. Otherwise, it will remain unconscious, continuing to impact you with recurring themes. Remember: ignoring the ‘bad,’ vulnerable, and unpleasant aspects of your journey means you’ll be unable to understand them deeply enough to alchemize them into light. Paying close attention to your discomfort and your accountability for it, can be a highly empowering thing.