Welcome to Virgo Season Skymates! The Sun enters the service driven sign on Monday 11:19 pm EST. For you Taurus, this is a time to connect with your passion and the things that drive your life force. Surrendering to your body’s need for pleasure can be a revolutionary act. I know we don’t always have the time or the space to do so. But, even just 5 minutes to feel into your body, and especially to connect with its wild side can go a long way. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to move in a way that gives you pleasure, or to sing, dance, or even cry. Small things, like adding a detail of comfort into your work routine, or gifting yourself a small delight, like a piece of chocolate after lunch will really have the power to change your overall feel throughout the day. Or things like remembering to breathe deeper, and to really feel your feelings, and giving yourself the chance to hug  the ones you love a little bit longer.