Skymates, it’s a big week! We just had a major astrological event take place – with Uranus and Mars conjoining on the Lunar North Node. Taurus, this all took place in your sign. Over the next week, we’ll be collectively experiencing acceleration, elevation, or both. This energy intensifies the need for us to (as individuals) evolve into wiser versions of ourselves. Taurus, because this is unfolding in your sign, you’ll have a particularly wide portal to work with. This is a time where you can make some evolutionary decisions, to radically change the course of your life (for the better). If you’ve been thinking about joining that class or applying for a new job – do it. If you’ve been considering therapy – now is the time. As a fixed sign, you can be quite rigid in the ways you perceive yourself and your capabilities. Today, get out of your comfort zone. Break free of those self-imposed limitations.