Taurus, are you making the most beneficial choices? We have the moon in Virgo opposing your planetary ruler (Venus), before it shifts into Libra. There’s a message here from the universe regarding flowing with your natural rhythms and heart, as opposed to being governed by external pressures (or the ones you put on yourself!). The best use of your time is making conscious choices that move you closer towards your personal contentment – in each moment. One day this could look like working 9-5, the next it could look like taking the day off to spend with your family. Either way, listen to your rhythms – your intuition will know what’s best for your soul. Tip: It’s important to treat happiness as something you’re aiming for in the present, rather than assuming you’ll find it later when you ‘achieve’ certain things in life. That means the most important thing for you today could be finding moments of joy, whatever that takes.