Key Themes: ‘Aha’ moments, relationships work, truth and honesty, fear as a tool for healing

Taurus, as the north lunar node has been in your sign since January, you’re on a particularly strong journey of transformation this year.
You’ve likely faced a lot of challenges, and grown exponentially from them. It’s not over, and this month the universe is inviting you to embrace – rather than resist – this process of personal evolution.
As one of the zodiac signs is most averse towards discomfort, chaos and instability… this could seem a little unnatural. Yet, the Sun is entering your opposite sign this month (Scorpio), beckoning you to lean into the unknown, with open arms.

On October 2nd, Mercury goes direct in the sign of Virgo, bringing you moments of clarity when it comes to your personal identity. You’re at a point where the universe is inviting you to stop staying small, and to instead cultivate main character energy in your life instead. You’ve got this Taurus, you’re ready. This will also be a good time to shoot your shot, whether that means asking someone out, fixing up your CV, or simply initiating a clarifying conversation.

We have a Full Moon in Aries on October 9th, which will bring you some spiritual fire. This will be a bit of a portal for you – so use it wisely. Connect with your guides, spirit, God or whatever you name your higher guidance. Not only will this bring you some clarity regarding your next steps, it will also further open your heart – making the love and beauty around you that much more visible.

October 23rd sees Saturn going direct in Aquarius, and for you Taurus this shifts your sector of career and financial abundance back into a higher gear. You may have experienced some bumpiness in these spheres over the last months, but now it’s time to reflect on any lessons and growth that has unfolded. How is your relationship to abundance now? Do you recognize your divine power as the conductor of your own life (including wealth)? Now’s the time to step into that role with a new sense of empowerment.

With Venus and the Sun in Scorpio, as well as a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25th – the energy of your opposite sign is going to be strong! Naturally, this can feel a little unintuitive, but there is a huge potential for learning and expansion here. Because this activates your sector of relationships, you’re invited into deep intimacy – whatever that means for you. This could involve really letting your guard down and finally expressing your deepest fears and vulnerabilities to your partner, or a friend. Taurus, your sign does traditionally like to ‘handle things’ on its own, and can be notoriously stubborn when it comes to acknowledging uncomfortable emotions.

Yet, this month – you’re invited to witness the beauty of doing exactly that. Nobody will know the real you, unless you let them in close enough to see it. It takes a lot of trust and bravery, but it’s only from here: that real, loving and authentic relationships can begin to bloom.

Exploring your fears around eclipse time with grace, patience and softness will be incredibly healing for you Taurus. What we ignore, suppress and reject – simply builds up and calcifies us from the outside out. Doing this work really will be one of the most important tasks of your year.