Taurus, the Scorpio New Moon on the 4th is here to remind you to put your energy into the relationships that know your worth and know how to value what you give them. Venus and Mercury both shift energy on the 5th. Venus entering Capricorn brings expansion into your financial life, allowing you to see things from a renewed point of view. Mercury entering Scorpio will help you have more fluid exchanges within your love life. Open up to more. On the 19th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus wants to awaken your inner witchiness. It’s time to search within and connect with your own personal style of magic. Expansive Sag will be swooping in at the end of the month through the Sun and Mercury, bringing some renewed energy into your resources and sense of self-worth. Are you giving more than what you’ve got?


I let go of the conventional sources of power. This is how I make space for my relationship with my own energy and my magic. I don’t have to be something that I’m not in order to be loved. I lovingly dare to face the fears I have regarding intimacy.