Taurus, the month begins with the New Moon in Pisces receiving hopeful and expansive blessings from Jupiter. Your social spaces will have a kind of magic to them. Allow yourself to be showered with compliments. Get involved with the causes that are close to your heart. On the 6th, Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, making it a great time to connect with the ones that can help further your career. Mercury enters Pisces in your area of innovation on the 9th. Much can come from exchanging unusual and inventive ideas within your groups. On the 18th, we have the Full Moon in Virgo, bringing some romance into your life. Be selective about who you want to attract. If you want people to grow and have fun with, make sure you’re invested in your own growth and happiness. On the 20th, the spring equinox brings the Aries Season and the beginning of the zodiacal year. Then Mercury enters Aries as well on the 27th. Check in with yourself each morning. Meditate. Your inner life will need as much love and attention as the things you put out into the world.